Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover Chapter 57

Read Returning from the D**d: His Secret Lover Chapter 57 – Sasha subconsciously held her breath and immediately averted her gaze.

“Come here, Ian.”

Sebastian’s eyes did not immediately find Sasha when she came in. Instead, he asked his son to come over first, indicating that he would settle the scores with her later.

Ian furrowed his brows and walked toward his father.

“Where did you go today?”

“Nowhere,” Ian answered indifferently.

Sasha let out a long sigh of relief.

Oh, thank G*d he didn’t say that we went to the amusement park. Otherwise, it would only make that man angrier.

However, Sebastian didn’t believe Ian when he noticed all the sweat on the latter’s body. “Then why are you sweating so much? You’re even lying to me now?”

Ian had no way to refute that.

When Sasha realized that things were getting out of hand, she hurriedly stepped forward, forgetting about her own predicament. “Don’t blame him. It’s not his fault. We just… went out to play for a bit, but don’t worry, he won’t catch a cold. I bought a small towel for him and made sure to wipe off his sweat.”

Afraid that he would blow up, she quickly added in the last sentence.

“Shut up!” the man snapped at her in return.

He looked like he was a second away from biting her to d***h with that insidious look on his face.

Sasha swallowed hard.

Whatever. I’m not going to argue with this scum.

Deep down, she knew that it seemed reckless to bring Ian out when he had recently fallen sick.

However, his longing gaze at that time made her heart wrench painfully in her chest. As his mother, there was no way she could bring herself to refuse him.

Besides, since she was a doctor, she had considered things from all aspects and allowed him to go only after she was certain that no harm would befall him.

Luckily, Sebastian found nothing wrong with him after checking his son from top to bottom. Because he perspired quite a lot while playing at the amusement park, his cheeks were flushed a healthy shade of pink, making him glow slightly.

Hence, Sebastian’s expression was no longer as grim.

“Alright. Mr. Scott will take you up for a shower and get your clothes changed.”

“Oh,” Ian agreed sulkily.

Soon, Luke came in to take him to the lounge room upstairs.

“Daddy,” Ian called out.

Sebastian raised his brows in question.

“Don’t scold her!” Ian sternly said.

Out of everyone’s expectations, Ian did not forget about Sasha before being led out of the office.

Sasha, who was steeling herself to receive a tongue-lashing, instantly felt warmth spreading in her heart. “Little Ian…”

“Don’t ‘Little Ian’ him anymore!” Sebastian snapped at her before turning to Luke. “And what are you waiting for? Take him upstairs now!” Already fuming, his anger seemed to skyrocket just then.

Ungrateful little brat. Did he forget who raised him all these years?

After Ian was taken away, silence blanketed the office, and Sasha knew that it was time to face the music.

I don’t get it. Why is he so angry?

All I did was take him out to play for a bit.

Sasha decided to break the silence. “Okay, I apologize for what I did. I understand that it was quite inappropriate for me to take him out, but I did it because I saw something today, and I think you owe me an explanation, Sebastian.”

“What did you say? I owe you an explanation?”

Sebastian never thought that before he could reprimand her for what she did today, she would question him first.

Sasha nodded. “Yeah, why doesn’t he like going to preschool? The weather’s quite good today, so I wanted to bring him for a walk in the garden. But the moment I suggested it, he became very agitated. Then, when I brought up playing with the kids in preschool, he got all riled up and started shouting. Sebastian, don’t you think you owe me an explanation for this? How did a healthy child become like this under your care?”

Silence ensued.

Within a split second, the atmosphere turned almost suffocating.

The sun was still shining brightly outside, its golden rays filtering through the windows. However, standing in the middle of the office, Sasha felt as if she was in the d**d of winter, so cold that she shuddered involuntarily.

What’s going on?

Did I say something wrong?

There was a gnawing sensation in her chest.

“You want me to give you an explanation, is that it?”

“Well… yes.”

“Very well, Sasha. I will give you just that. He became like this because you abandoned him back then. Due to his premature birth, he was critically ill and couldn’t speak until he was two years old. He didn’t have a mother, so I was the one who raised him. He’s quiet and withdrawn because there has always been a void in his heart that only his mother could fill, causing him to constantly feel out of place and insecure wherever he goes. Is this good enough of an explanation for you?”

Due to the anger coursing in his veins, Sebastian’s chiseled face grew cold, with sarcasm and hostility the only emotions lining his features.

As he looked at her, a mocking chuckle escaped his lips, but that rich sound was like a knife stabbing into her heart.