Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover Chapter 55

Read Returning from the D**d: His Secret Lover Chapter 55 – “Little Ian, how come you have the keys to this car? Mom… I love you to bits!”

She was so excited that she started babbling incoherently. A glance at the rearview mirror showed the housemaid whose face had gone red from anger outside the villa, but Sasha was too far gone to care.

Seated on the front passenger seat, Ian cast a cold glance at her.

This car is mine, okay?

Silly Mommy!

The mother and son duo zoomed out of Frontier Bay in no time, shoving the villa to the back of their minds.

“Little Ian, where should we go next? Do you want some good food? Or do you want me to bring you somewhere to play?”

As the car sped along the road, Sasha’s spirits were lifted considerably, and she started to think about where she could bring her son to have fun since they had already left the villa.

Ian’s eyes finally lit up with excitement.

Indeed, he rarely came out to play. Even going for a simple stroll happened only once in a blue moon.

Every time he went to places frequented by children of his age, everyone would call him a weirdo and laugh at him when they saw how quiet and introverted he was.

Thus, he hated going to preschool and refused to go to crowded places. His father rarely allowed him to go out as well because of his frail body, and whenever he did, he would make sure Ian was escorted by many bodyguards, which Ian found to be a hindrance.

“The amusement park,” he finally said the words at the tip of his tongue after remaining silent throughout the whole ride.

Sasha shot a furtive glance at her son. Upon noticing the bright gleam in his eyes, she readily agreed to his request, “Alright! The amusement park it is! I will make sure you have fun today. I promise!”

Then, she floored the accelerator and headed straight for their destination.

Her curiosity was piqued. Didn’t Ian refuse to go for a walk earlier? I’m sure he knows that there’s gonna be a lot of walking at the amusement park. Then why is he so excited about it?

Sasha decided to use this opportunity to understand her son better.

Sebastian only found out about what happened at Frontier Bay when he returned to his office after a meeting.

As soon as he was informed, he slammed the document in his hand onto the table.

“How did my father find out about this?”

“I-I investigated. No one at the villa would’ve dared to speak a word about it, so could it be one of th-the doctors?”

Luke stammered as he trembled slightly.

The moment he was done, Sebastian uttered in a frightening voice, “Did you leave your brain at home today? Do you really think any of the doctors I hired would dare to breathe a word about it? Investigate this at once and find out who leaked it.”

“Yes, yes! Right away!”

Luke nodded profusely.

What Sebastian said was right. Ever since Frederick’s health deteriorated, no one dared to tell him about Ian’s health condition. Otherwise, d***h would be the only outcome for them.

The doctors undoubtedly knew this as well.

At that moment, Luke felt that he had indeed left his brain at home.

“What about her? Where is she now?”

“Huh? Oh, you mean… Ms. Wand? She… ran away with Ian.”

“What did you say? Ran away? With my son?”

As Sebastian whipped his head up, the temperature in the office plummeted drastically, scaring the daylights out of Luke.

He hastily explained, “Well, when Ian heard that your father was going to visit, he was very against it. So, he called your father and told him not to come, but of course, your father didn’t listen. Then, Ian… He took the keys to the blue Ferrari you gave him for his birthday and asked Ms. Wand to take him away…”

Cold sweat was dripping down Luke’s forehead because truth be told, this was the first time Ian had done something like this.

Sure enough, Sebastian’s expression became even more terrifying, and he exuded a menacing aura that seemed to fill every inch of the office.

“And you believe that?”

“Uh… Come again?”

“He’s only five, but you’re telling me he’s capable of something like this? Then why wasn’t he this bold in the past?” Sebastian enunciated each word slowly as anger radiated off his body.

Luke did not dare to say a word.

So does Boss mean that it wasn’t Ian’s idea but Ms. Wand’s?

Oh boy, she is so screwed!

“Call… Call that damned woman and tell her if… if she doesn’t bring my son back in… in twenty minutes, I will bury her uncle… and his entire family along with her!”

Beside himself with rage, pain began to spread through his skull as though a b**b was about to go off in his head. The pain was so excruciating that he wanted so badly to strangle that woman alive at that moment!

Sasha Wand, I showed you some leniency and you start acting out already?

Very well. Just you wait!

Sasha and Ian both had a blast at the amusement park.

Since the latter had never been here before, he had eagerly tried every ride with Sasha.

Right then, Sasha glimpsed a shadow of Matteo in him as he finally seemed more like a child of his age.