Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover Chapter 53

Read Returning from the D**d: His Secret Lover Chapter 53 – Due to Sebastian’s intervention, Sasha managed to untangle herself from Berta. Without a moment’s delay, she carried the food and went upstairs.

“Little Ian, Ms. Nancy is here. Are you awake?”


She was happy to see how obedient her son was. After softly calling out to him, he opened his eyes on the bed and got up with her help.

Sasha was more than pleased with their progress.

This was a rare heartwarming moment she shared with her son.

After dressing Ian up, she coaxed him into drinking the soup she made, causing Berta to grit her teeth in irritation.

“Little Ian, let’s go to the garden for a walk, hmm?”

After Ian finished his breakfast, Sasha noticed that the weather was particularly good. With her son’s health in mind, Sasha thought it would be good to let Ian go out and sweat a little.

However, Ian’s face instantly sank. “No!”

Sasha was taken aback. “Why not, sweetie? Children should exercise more to become stronger. Once you’re all better, you can start going to preschool where you can make lots of new friends who will play with you. Isn’t that fun?”

“No, it’s not fun! It’s not fun at all!”

Sasha never expected that what she said would make things worse. Ian hurled the Transformers figurine in his hand and ran away.

Anxious, Sasha got to her feet and went after him. “Ian, don’t run! Wait for me.”

What’s going on? Why did he become so worked up all of a sudden?

Sasha was dumbfounded.

She raced after him to his room, planning to coax him. However, he slammed the door before she could reach him and locked her out.

“Little Ian? Please open the door. Don’t be angry. Did I say something wrong? Let me in so that we can talk, okay?”

“Weren’t you oh-so confident in yourself? What’s wrong? Are things not going well?”

Berta came upstairs at some point and began mocking her.

Sasha was in an irritable mood, and what Berta said was the last straw. Her gaze turned icy as she shot a fierce glare at the latter.

“One more word from you, and I’ll make sure it’s the last thing you say.”

Berta was stunned, having never seen this side of Sasha.

In an instant, fear gripped her as she cowered slightly, feeling a chill travel down her spine.

Since when did this woman become so scary?

Her arrogance was instantly knocked down several notches, and she stuttered, “I-It’s because you mentioned preschool. Ian has always hated going to preschool.”

“He doesn’t like it? Why?”

Sasha was perplexed.

He hates going to preschool?


I know that he doesn’t like to interact with others, but why doesn’t he like going to preschool too?

His condition shouldn’t be that serious.

Sasha felt that something was amiss and decided to wait for Sebastian to come home to ask him the reason behind it.

However, Sebastian didn’t come back all afternoon. Instead, someone else came to visit the villa.

“Quick! Tidy the place up. Mr. Hayes will be here soon, so make sure everything is spotless, or we’ll never hear the end of it from him.”

Sasha had come down to make lunch for her son when she overheard this.

When she saw Berta ordering the housemaids in the garden, she almost missed a step and stumbled down the stairs from shock.

Sebastian’s father is coming?

Oh G*d! Why all of a sudden? Why wasn’t I told about this?