Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover Chapter 46

Read Returning from the D**d: His Secret Lover Chapter 46 – Sasha was bemused by her son’s mischief.

Nevertheless, she still headed out with Solomon as the man had promised to show her a couple of books that might be helpful.

Her mind was now occupied with getting Ian back.

In Frontier Bay, a man was waiting impatiently for Sasha.

Luke was pacing anxiously downstairs as his boss sat in the living hall, brewing up a perilous windstorm.

“So? Have you found her?”

“Not yet, Mr. Scott. We went to her Aunt Sharon’s house twice and waited outside for a long while. But there was no sign of her. Maybe she didn’t return there?” the weary bodyguards reported what they had been doing all night to Luke.

Luke did consider that possibility as he was told that Sasha and Sebastian had such a bad row in the afternoon that she had pushed Berta onto the floor.


Luke’s head was pounding.

Seeing as it was getting late and his boss’ eyes were still menacingly wide open, Luke decided to do another round of searching himself.

His phone rang just as he was about to head out the door.


“Mr. Scott, I finally have the location of Ms. Wand. She came out of Old Town in a BMW X5 and went to Prime Cloud Corporation,” the bodyguard reported from the other end of the line.

“Did you just say Prime Cloud Corporation?” Fearing he might have misheard, Luke had to double confirm.

The Prime Cloud Corporation across the road from Hayes Corporation? Isn’t that the fast-growing electronics and infotech company that has started to attract our attention of late? What’s her business going over there?

“Are you absolutely positive? What’s she doing over there?” Luke was still trying to wrap his head around this unexpected turn of events.

“I’m not sure as to why she’s there, Mr. Scott. But someone snapped a picture,” the bodyguard said while sending the said photo over to Luke’s phone.

Hanging up the call, Luke inspected the photo carefully. It was indeed a photo taken discreetly in front of the Prime Cloud Corporation building. It would appear that Sasha was being led into the lobby by a bespectacled young man with a briefcase.

She has gone mad! Instead of coming here to treat Mr. Hayes, she followed a man into Hayes Corporation’s rival company. What is she thinking! Doesn’t she realize what kind of trouble she’s getting herself into?

Luke enlarged the picture to take a better look at the man, and when it dawned on him who the person was, he almost choked from his gasp.

My goodness! This is so getting out of hand.

“Luke, what are you doing over there? Have you found that damned woman?” Sebastian barked at Luke as there was still no news of Sasha’s whereabouts. His patience was running thin, and his bloodshot eyes were still wide open.

Luke felt his legs turn wobbly at the thought of what he was about to tell his boss.

Nevertheless, there was no escaping from what needed to be done.

With great effort, Luke brought himself to Sebastian and selected his words carefully. “Mr. Hayes, we have found Ma… I mean, Ms. Wand. But um, she went to another place.”

“Another place?” The man’s head started aching upon hearing that. His expression turned frightening when he spoke, “Who says she can be elsewhere at this hour? Doesn’t she know she should be here treating me?”

This man is so used to getting his way he’s practically tyrannical. Madam only voluntarily visited once to treat him, but now, she’s become his personal doctor and not allowed to have her own life.

Luke could no longer contain himself and blurted out, “Mr. Hayes, Ms. Wand has no obligation in treating you. The only reason she came here last time was so that she could spend some time with Mr. Ian. Now that Ms. Green has returned, it’s only normal that Ms. Wand wants to keep her distance.”

“What did you just say?” Sebastian’s voice was becoming more terrorizing with each word he uttered.

The tension in the living room was palpable.

Sensing his boss was about to erupt like a volcano, Luke almost jumped out of his skin. He then decided to hand over his phone with a trembling hand and let Sebastian decipher the meaning of the picture by himself. After which, he left the splash zone as quickly as his wobbly legs could take him.

The temperature in the living room immediately dropped to sub-zero; everyone and everything was frozen still in a split second. It was so quiet one could hear a pin drop to the floor.