Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover Chapter 25

Read Returning from the D**d: His Secret Lover Chapter 25 – To Sasha’s surprise, Sharon shrugged her off nonchalantly.

The words formed a lump in the former’s throat as she stood rooted on the spot.

Truth be told, Sasha had held her aunt in awe since she was young. Coming from different backgrounds meant they had little in common. After Sasha turned into an adult, the Wand family had brought upon their misfortune on Sharon. Out of a guilty conscience, she never dared to look her aunt in the eyes.

In the end, Sasha took her children and left for their rental apartment.

While they were alone in the courtyard, Jackson asked, “Sharon, are you still blaming Sasha for what happened in the past? She was just an innocent girl back then.”

“Xenia will be back soon. Do you think we’ll get to spend our days peacefully if Sasha’s children stay with us?” Sharon asked callously and left her wheelchair-bound husband behind.

Xenia was Sasha’s younger cousin. She used to hold a grudge against the latter.

Shortly after their departure, Sasha brought her children to the apartment she had leased beforehand. It was situated in Old Town, but there was a preschool that was nearby.

“Vivi, Matt, I have enrolled both of you in a nearby preschool. I’ll bring you there tomorrow, okay?” Sasha announced the plan she had for her children.

“Mommy, are we going to attend preschool in this city? Does that mean we’re not going back anymore?”

Vivian stared at her mother, open-mouthed, and expressed her disbelief.

The little girl got sentimental all of a sudden; she started recalling the times she spent with her friends in her previous preschool. She would miss her friends and her teachers a lot.

Sasha caressed the little girl’s chubby cheek. “We’ll only stay here for a short period of time because I have to look after a patient of mine. Once I’m done, we’ll move back, okay? Can you please deal with it for the time being?”

The little girl finally returned to her usual sprightly self when she heard her mother’s assurance. “Alright, Mommy! If that’s the case, I’ll prepare myself for school tomorrow!”

Meanwhile, Matteo was occupied with the background check on Sebastian, the man behind Hayes Corporation. He decided to pay the meanie a visit in person.

Matteo wanted to determine if Sebastian was worthy of his mother’s time since he had always bullied Sasha.

Shortly after the little boy accessed the domestic website and got his hands on Sebastian’s photo, his jaw dropped.

What the h**l is going on? Who the heck is this scum that resembles me? Literally, he looks like an adult version of me! Is he my biological father?

A wild idea flashed across Matteo’s mind. He stared at Sebastian’s photo, completely baffled.

“Matt, what are you doing? Can you come over and do me a favor? I can need an extra pair of hands now!”

Sasha was in the middle of unpacking the stuff she had brought along with them. She had to repeat herself a few times before her son finally responded to her and switched off his tablet.

Matteo walked towards Sasha in a daze. “Mommy, is Daddy d**d?”

“Yes. Why?” Sasha was completely drenched in sweat after spending her time unpacking their stuff. Therefore, she blurted out the things in mind when she heard her son’s question.

That was the version of the white lies she had told her children. As she spent the past five years abroad, others would occasionally ask her the whereabouts of her children’s father since was a single parent.

Now that the children were older, they were naturally curious about their father. In order to save herself the agony, she told everyone her husband was d**d.

That scum is as good as d**d, isn’t he?

She thought Matteo would forget about it as usual, but he continued to probe after a prolonged silence. “How did he d*e?”

Sasha was taken aback by the question. She stuttered in return, “H-Huh? H-He died in… a-a car accident.”

Matteo was completely speechless by his mother’s uncertainty.

Mommy, you’re obviously lying to us! Is that meanie our father?

Unable to suppress his frustration any longer, Matteo decided to pay Sebastian a visit to get to the bottom of their relationship and why he wouldn’t stop picking on his mother.

Most importantly, he wanted to know if Sebastian had abandoned him and his sister.

Sasha was oblivious of her son’s plans as she rushed to finish cleaning the place so she could return to the damned confinement space.

Suddenly, her brand new phone, that was on the coffee table, rang.


“Madam? It’s me, Luke.”

Seriously? Oh, G*d! Speak of the devil! Here comes the assistant of the scum!

Sasha started explaining herself after she heard the man on the other end of the call. “I’m so sorry, Luke! It has been a long time since I last met my uncle and aunt! They insist on having me for dinner! I…”

“It’s fine! I’m not calling to rush you. I have something else to discuss with you.”

“Huh? What is it?” Ever since that scum got his hands on me, he has always forced me into submission. What could he want to discuss with me?