Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover Chapter 126

Read Returning from the D**d: His Secret Lover Chapter 126 – After all, he first thought was to send the children away and not allow them to see her after what happened at the clothing store.

But now, the Sasha was telling the boys not to do it.

This was an issue of upbringing.

At the end of the day, Sasha was brought up as a proper lady since birth.

“I’m sorry, Mommy. I’m wrong.”

Matteo finally understood and apologized to Sasha.

Sasha rubbed his head. “Don’t worry about it. I know that you didn’t do it on purpose. In fact, you were doing it for my sake.”


“Therefore, I actually wanted to say that I agree with your plan.”

Sasha supported their stance again.


She agrees now?

The boys widened their eyes and gave Sasha a puzzled look.

Sasha smiled in response. “Given how Daddy bullied me. I feel that we really should teach him a lesson.”

“Why don’t we first return home and I will then take the three of you out for a day out. We will not tell Daddy about it and let him feel anxious, alright?”


The boys agreed in unison.

A few minutes later, Sasha and the boys left.

When Sebastian arrived at the airport, he arranged for his men to sweep the place.

Unfortunately, his sons were simply too savvy. The surveillance feeds of wherever they went had been wiped.

Therefore, after searching for the whole afternoon, they came up with nothing.

Those two scoundrels!

With his eyes already reddened, Sebastian kicked his car in rage when he still couldn’t find them.

“Continue the search. Find them even if you have to turn Avenport upside down!”

“Yes, Mr. Hayes.”

“Also, where is the hacker that I have asked you to locate? Why isn’t he here yet? All of you are just useless. Why are you taking so long just to find one person?”

Despite his voice turning hoarse, Sebastian continued to rant furiously. He was both worried and fearful to the extent he cracked his knuckles subconsciously.

Sasha was right. He did have what it takes to be a father.

Trembling in fear, his bodyguards went to get the hacker at once.

After a while he received a report saying that it wasn’t that the hacker didn’t arrive, it was just that none of them could undo the destruction wreaked by the boys on the surveillance feeds.

“M-Mr. Hayes, Mr. Ian and Mr. Matteo are simply too smart. Ordinary hackers… aren’t able to crack their code at all.”


A loud bang rang out.

Infuriated, Sebastian slammed his foot into the bodyguard who could barely get back up.

It was a frightening sight.

Given how rare Sebastian got physical with them, the bodyguards were all in a sullen mood and didn’t dare utter a single word.

Luckily, the investigator from amongst the airport staff finally arrived.

“Mr. Hayes, we have a lead. At 16:35, one of our counters sold four flight tickets to Clear. The person who booked them was… Nancy.”

“Who did you say it was?”

It had been a long time since Sebastian heard that name and so he couldn’t recall who it was out of a sudden.

His bodyguards had no choice but to remind him. “That’s Ms… Wand.”

Suddenly, the atmosphere fell silent as if it was the calm before the storm.


Did she plan to leave with the children from the very beginning?

When did this happen? She was with me when the bodyguard reported the matter. Most importantly, she looked as if she knew nothing about it.

In that case, how did she leave with the children?

Did they have this planned since the very beginning?

He suddenly recalled that on the way to the airport, Sasha had exclaimed strangely twice. Also, she hardly protested when he kicked her out of his car.

Therefore, did she turn the tables on me by leaving with the children when I was the one who sent them away first?

Everything suddenly clicked in Sebastian’s mind.

“Mr. Hayes? Are you alright?”

When the bodyguards saw him holding onto his forehead and staggering, they were shocked as they quickly went up to support him.

After a long while, Sebastian managed to steady himself. Looking straight ahead with his bloodshot eyes, he barked, “Prepared the helicopter, we are setting off for Clear at once.”

“Yes, Mr. Hayes!”

“Also, prepare a gun for me. I’m going to k**l that b*tch!”

Meanwhile, Sasha and the three children enjoyed a wonderful afternoon out.

Firstly, they went to the amusement park. After all, all kids loved them especially Ian. As his body wasn’t well, he was always forbidden to go on rides.

Therefore, coming here was the happiest thing that ever happened to him.

“Ian, I’m telling you, the pirate ship is the scariest ride ever. Let’s not ride that, alright? Let’s go for the musical carousel instead.”

At the end of the day, Vivian was still a girl and naturally less daring. When she saw the thrilling rides, she began to shirk from them.

She wanted Ian to ride the wooden horses on the carousel with her.

On the other hand, Ian wanted to join Matteo, to swing up far into the air on the pirate ship. To him, it looked extremely thrilling.

However, his sister was pleading with him.


Finally, Ian made the mature decision. Holding Vivian’s hand, they went to ride on the carousel.