Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover Chapter 122

Read Returning from the D**d: His Secret Lover Chapter 122 – Inside the cab, Sasha was stunned by Luke’s answer that she slumped.

Why must that assh*le treat me this way?

By sending them to Machia, does he plan on not letting me see them forever?

Is my worst nightmare coming true?

That assh*le! That heartless animal!

Sasha was trembling in anger. The thought that she would not get to see her children again felt like a part of her had just been cut out raw, causing her to suffocate.

“Miss, Miss, are you alright?”

When the cab driver saw her face in the rearview mirror, he quickly called out in concern.

Only then did Sasha regain her senses.

“I’m alright. Mister, sorry for the trouble, I’m not going back to Old Town. Instead, take me to Hayes Corporation.”

Sitting up straight with reddened eyes, she uttered every word with conviction while glaring straight ahead.

Frightened by her response, the driver quickly changed directions and headed back to the city center.

Ten minutes later, they arrived at Hayes Corporation.

Sasha immediately got off and rushed into the building, intending to head straight to the top floor to see Sebastian.

However, the moment she reached the entrance, a uniformed guard who had previously not been stationed there raised his hands to stop her.

“You’re not allowed to enter.”


“Because Mr. Hayes has ordered that you’re banned from entering from now on,” the guard asserted with a frosty glare.

Sasha almost burst a vessel at his words.

How dare that assh*le station someone here to stop me? Is he sick in the head? Does he think he can stop me from fighting for the children just like that? In his dreams!

After glaring fiercely at the top floor of the building, Sasha turned and left.

Half an hour later, another woman arrived at the entrance.

However, this woman was dressed in a full-length winter coat that made her look elegant and distinguished. She wore a pair of sunglasses and held a custom-made handbag. The moment she appeared, her graceful swagger caused the ladies around her to feel embarrassed of themselves and the men to swoon over her.

My G*d! Who is this woman?

She’s really gorgeous and extremely charming!

Inside the building, there were many who were already attracted by the woman, including the guard who had stopped Sasha earlier. He simply gawked at the lady in awe.

“Miss, may I know if…”


Not even bothered to talk to him, the unbelievably gorgeous lady shot him an icy glance before entering the building.

Who does he think he is to be worthy of talking to me?

Upon entering the building, a clerk quickly came up to greet her politely.

“Hello, Miss, may I know what I can help you with?”

“I’m here to see your president.”

This time, the woman responded.

Furthermore, when she declared the purpose of her visit, she took off the sunglasses she was wearing.

“Good heavens…”

At that very moment, everyone in the lobby gasped in awe.

The lady’s face was indeed picture perfect. It was oval-shaped with ideal proportions, while her features were greater than the sum of their individual parts. Combined, it gave one the sensation of blossoming spring flowers. Coupled with exquisite makeup, her looks were so mesmerizing that no one could peel their eyes away from her, especially from her jewel-like eyes.

Given how beautiful she was and that she was holding a designer bag, the clerk quickly informed the president’s office and personally escorted her into the elevator.

“Miss, the president’s office is on the top floor. You’ll see it when you get there.”

“Alright. Thank you.”

The gorgeous lady was also well brought up as she thanked the clerk politely before entering the elevator.

However, the moment she got in, she dropped her elegant act and seethed while staring at the flashing floor numbers of the elevator.

“How dare you challenge me? I was a socialite long before any of you were anything in your lives. Sebastian, I’ll f*cking show you!”

Without a doubt, that woman was Sasha.

When Sebastian received a call saying that a prominent young lady was coming to see him, his mind was filled with questions.

Prominent young lady?

Who is it?

He couldn’t recall anyone that fit the description.

However, as his schedule was always filled with appointments, he figured he must have missed this one by accident.

Therefore, he gave permission to the clerk to allow the lady in.

When she entered, the clicks of her heels caught the attention of all the employees in the president’s office. Before he knew it, the door to his room was opened.

It was at that very moment he looked up and was briefly stunned at the sight of her, even though she was wearing a pair of sunglasses.