Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover Chapter 106

Read Returning from the D**d: His Secret Lover Chapter 106 – Xandra had been under tremendous stress recently as things kept happening one after another without giving her a break. When she found out their plan failed, they shouted in vexation like a madman.

Kelly glared at her useless niece from the corner of her eyes and smacked her lips. “Let’s go on a vacation. We should go abroad to get your mind off this.”

“What? Now?” Xandra questioned in surprise.

Nevertheless, Kelly ignored her disapproving gaze and proceeded to book the flight tickets.

“You need some time off. As for me, it’s better for me to make myself scarce, so Sebastian doesn’t find out anything. It will be the end of the story if Sebastian traces things back to us.”

Xandra clenched her jaw, wanting to disagree, but she knew what her aunt said was true. Hence, she finally gave in.

“You can take this chance to study abroad as well. A woman of substance is always better than a woman with just a pretty face. I remember Sebastian loved all the letters you wrote him last time. You should study a little and improve yourself. Perhaps he might fall in love with you all over again,” Kelly said while booking two tickets on the airline website.

Xandra listened to her quietly and nodded.

Two days passed, and Sasha finally woke up.

Her injury was not f***l, but her body was weak, to begin with. Besides, she lost too much blood from her injury. That was why it took her a good two days to finally come around.

Sasha was dazed and confused when she first woke up. For a long time, she stared into the while ceiling, trying to recall what happened to her.

“Sasha? Are you awake? You okay?” A surprised voice came from beside her.

Sasha turned her head around slowly and looked at the man.

“Uncle Jackson?”

Jackson heaved a sigh of relief hearing his niece spoke. “Thank G*d you still know who I am. Let me get you some water.”

He rolled his wheelchair towards the counter and poured her a drink.

Sasha struggled to get up when she saw Jackson getting her a glass of water, only to cringe in pain when she strained her wound.

“Don’t move. You should rest a little more so you could fully recover,” her uncle said as he walked over.

Sasha positioned herself back to the original posture and propped back down slowly. Then, she took a sip of water and gave the glass back to Jackson.

“Where’s Matt? Is he okay?” Sasha asked, her voice hoarse and dry.

“He’s fine. He’s at Frontier Bay with Sebastian now, so you don’t have to worry,” he assured her.

His words ended up agitating Sasha. She cocked her head towards Jackson with her eyes wide, clearly shocked at the piece of news.

“What? He’s with Sebastian? Does he know Matt is his son then?” Sasha showered him with a litany of questions.

“Of course, he does. The two kids look exactly the same. How would he not know?” Jackson replied.

Sasha’s face turned pale the moment he said that.


What’s he gonna do now? Is he gonna take Matt back as his son? I bet that’s what he was trying to do, or he wouldn’t even bring Matteo back to Hayes Residence!

Tears welled up in her eyes at the thought of losing Matteo to Sebastian.

Meanwhile, Jackson spotted her agony and comforted her. “Just focus on recovering, Sasha. We can think about this after you feel better. You’re the one who brought the kid up, so if he insists on fighting over child custody, we will see him at court.”

Sasha knew her uncle was only trying to make her feel better. After all, who would stand a chance again the Hayes at the court? It was impossible to win against them.

Tears streamed down her cheeks as reality sunk in.

After that, Jackson decided to give her some space and left after staying on for a little while. It was not like he could hang around longer even if he wanted to. His body was weak, and he had to go home to rest. Not long after Jackson left, Sasha dozed off again.

By the time she woke up, it was already dusk. Before Sasha could look at the clock to check what time it was, a child’s whisper came from the outside and caught her ears.

“Matt, is Mommy awake?”

“Yes. Daddy got a call just now, and they said she was awake. Don’t worry, Vivi. We just have to wait.

Another familiar and loving voice followed after the girl’s question.



Sasha opened her eyes wide and sat up.

When Vivian noticed Sasha’s movement, she opened the door and dashed in with excitement. “Mommy! Are you awake, Mommy? I miss you, Mommy!”

Vivi was as happy as a lark to see her mother awake.

With a huge smile on her face, Sasha welcomed her daughter into her embrace as she caressed the latter’s head. “Mommy misses you too, Vivi!”

Behind her, the two boys came in happily. Matteo ran over when he saw Sasha and joined the happy pair.

Ian, on the other hand, was less emotionally expressive. He was someone who took time to warm up to someone else, but he was undoubtedly elated to see Sasha again.