Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy By Inked Snow Chapter 86

Read Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy By Inked Snow Chapter 86 – Yuri did not question Neil as he brought him on his back and ran upstairs.

As he was a young and strong bodyguard, they reached the ninth floor safely in just a few minutes.

Once he reached the ninth floor, Neil’s phone rang. “ Boss, the house that you wanted me to watch over had caught fire. There are too many people guarding the house. I won’t be able to fight them all so I

didn’t head over, but I’ve already made a report. What should I do next?“

Neil nearly blacked out.

Catastrophes did not wait for anyone.

People guarded the door, yet the house was on fire. Would he make it if he was to look for Joshua at that moment?

Neil strode to Granny Lynch’s ward. He gritted his teeth and instructed Zach, “Take photos and videos. Get me a clear picture of every single person guarding the door! “

No matter what, he would make them pay! Meanwhile, in the ward…

Granny Lynch, still in bed, pestered Joshua. “Joshua, if you’re not going to give me a reason today, I won’t let you go.“

“Granny, don’t find fault with Joshua. It’s all my fault…“

Sitting by the side, Aura wiped her tears with a tissue.

Despite her falling tears, her eyes were filled with delight.

The fire should have started at that moment, right? A s long as Aura and Granny held Joshua off, in about ten minutes, that b*tch and her daughter should

have stopped breathing already.

In half an hour, they would be burnt to d***h!

The more she thought about it, the more delighted she became. She pretended to cry harder. “I don’t have the luck to become your granddaughter-in-law

Joshua was somewhat annoyed by her cries. He knew that Aura was hostile toward Luna. She wanted to get rid of Luna, but she was too stubborn on this matter. She kept bringing Granny Lynch into it.

Luna was just an ordinary maid. Why did she feel so threatened by her?

“Joshua! “ Granny Lynch glared at him. “Look at how badly Aura is crying. Why are you not passing a tissue to her? Even if you’re calling off the engagement, it’s not too much to ask of you to give her some tissues, right?“

What else could Joshua say at that? He helplessly furrowed his brows and passed Aura some tissues.

Before Aura could take the tissues, there was a commotion coming from outside.


The door of the ward was kicked open.

The moment Neil entered the ward, he saw Neil passing tissues to Aura and was instantly infuriated.

His mother and sister were d***g in a fire, yet his scumbag dad was passing tissues to the main culprit!

Neil immediately rushed over and snatched the tissues. “Mr. Lynch, why are you still comforting her? Do you know that your daughter and my mother are about to be burnt to d***h?“

Joshua furrowed his brows. “What did you say?“

Were Nellie and Luna not at home? Why could they be burnt to d***h?

“There’s no time for any explanation! “ Neil gritted and tugged on Joshua’s hand. “If you want them to leave, you’ll bring people along with me! Any later, and you won’t be able to rescue them in time! “

Aura suddenly stood up. “Who are you? What nonsense are you talking about?“

Who was this kid, spoiling her plans?

“I’ll deal with you later! “ Neil glared fiercely at Aura then turned to look at Joshua.

“Are you coming or not? We have to rescue them! “

Joshua furrowed his brows and looked at him, not moving at all.


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