Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy By Inked Snow Chapter 85

Read Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy By Inked Snow Chapter 85 – “Sorry. The number you have dialed cannot be reached…“

Neil, on the ground floor of the rented house, tried to reach Luna. There was no signal.

He tried to contact Nellie via her necklace but to no avail, too.

Neil panicked. Half an hour ago, Luna called him to come and help her search for a sketch back at their rented house. He purposely rushed over from Anne’s, yet he could not contact them all of a sudden?

Troubled, Neil’s brows knitted tightly together.

No matter whether she was at Blue Bay Villa or on the way, there should be no place that had no signal.

Unable to hold back, he took the key and went upstairs. Upon arriving, he noticed someone standing guard by the entrance of the house. The guard glared at him fiercely.

Neil immediately pretended to head over to the neighbors. He stood at the neighbor’s door as he attempted to call once more.

As expected, the signal was being blocked.

Neil was instantly alerted. Mommy and Nellie were in the room! Someone must have locked them from the outside and blocked the signal!

What were they trying to do? This must be the work of Aura Gibson!

Nelli gritted his teeth and immediately dialed Zach. “Do you know where Joshua went? Is he at the office?“

“No. The receptionist said that Mr. Lynch is at Central Hospital. His grandmother is sick. Boss, what’s going on?“

Neil immediately hailed a cab by the side of the road. “Something’s going on. I ‘m going to send you an address. Come here and keep watch. Let me know if anything is going on! Get Yuri to wait for me at Central Hospital. I need to find Joshua Lynch! “

Neil’s cold and stern tone made Zach feel that something bad had happened. “Don’t worry, Boss, I’ll head over there now! “


Neil then hung up the phone. He let out a long sigh a t the backseat of the cab.

The cab driver looked at Neil from the rearview mirror, intrigued. “How old are you?“

Neil did not want to deal with him, but the cab driver looked like a middle-aged adult.

Neil pursed his lips. Although somewhat reluctant, he still obediently replied, “I’m six.“

“You stay around here?“


“Then you better be careful. The weather has been pretty dry recently. There have been several fires in

this neighborhood. If no adult is at home, you better be careful.”

Neil was stunned.

“You mean…there had been fires around this neighborhood?”

The driver nodded. “Yes.”

Neil was instantly alarmed. “Driver, please go faster! Please!” Neil knew what Aura was trying to do.

Although he did not know why the little boy suddenly got anxious, the driver drove faster as he saw the boy in an anxious state.

A ten-minute journey took only five.

The car stopped at Central Hospital. Neil did not even wait for the driver to return him the change as he rushed in.

Yuri was already waiting for him at the hospital’s main lobby.

“Boss, what’s going on?” “No time to explain.”

Neil took a deep breath. He asked about Granny Lynch’s whereabouts, then he immediately pounced onto Yuri. “Carry me up to the ninth floor. Quickly! “

The elevators in the hospital were too slow. Neil could not waste a single second!


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