Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy By Inked Snow Chapter 77

Read Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy By Inked Snow Chapter 77 – “Now is not the time yet.“

Joshua sighed lightly. “Nellie won’t be able to leave her yet. The replacement of servants has to be done slowly.“

Lucas looked at Joshua and furrowed his brows tightly. He doubted that Nellie was the only one who was unable to leave Luna. Joshua was the same, too.

After Luna Gibson left, Joshua never had a woman by his side for almost six years. If she was not alive, Lucas felt that Luna the servant was a great choice. Nellie liked her, at least, and Joshua did not hate her either.


Lucas took a deep breath. In the end, he could not help but remind Joshua, “Sir, don’t forget that you still have to get the missus back.“

Joshua lifted his head and looked at him with an ambiguous smile. “Are you trying to teach me what to do?“

Joshua’s gaze was so cold that Lucas instantly shuddered.

“I just remembered. I should get off work.“

At that, Lucas immediately opened the door and escaped for his life. The door of the study room was shut once again.

Joshua looked at the photos on his computer and sighed heavily.

How could she send her daughter back then vanish into thin air? Luna Gibson…where was she? How was she? Why did she leave without saying goodbye and even got herself into an accident?

“Joshua, how do you have the time to visit me out of the blue?“

The next morning, Granny Lynch was sitting on the sofa at the Lynch Mansion, smiling at Joshua in front of her.

“Did someone say anything to you?“

“Of course. “ Joshua smiled flatly, took the piece of the one-million-dollar check from his shirt pocket, and placed it on the coffee table.

“Granny, you sure are generous with your money.“

Granny Lynch saw the check on the coffee table, and her face instantly turned pale.

She guessed that Joshua would come to look for her because of that Luna woman, but she did not expect that Luna would pass the check to Joshua.

Granny Lynch laughed drily. “I ‘m not being… She’s by your side after all.“

“None of my servants are worth that much.“ Joshua raised his eyes and looked at Granny Lynch as he coldly remarked, “She’s just an ordinary maid. She isn’t important to me. To you, even less so.“

Then, he pushed the check toward Granny Lynch. “I know you can’t finish spending your money. If you have nowhere to spend them, I suggest you donate them to charity. I don’t wish for things like this to happen in the future. Please don’t do things behind my back.“

Granny Lynch frowned at those words. She coldly stomped her walking stick on the ground and glared at him.

“I’m doing it all for your own good. That maid… Other than a pretty face, how could she compare to Aura? You call off the engagement just for a lowly maid. How could I just sit and do nothing?“

Joshua changed into a more comfortable position on the sofa. He looked at Granny Lynch indifferently, “ Aura told you that I’m calling off the engagement because of Luna?“

“Of course not! “ Granny Lynch rolled her eyes at him. “Aura is so kind and mature. Why would she complain about this to me? She accidentally talked about it. She told me that this will be the last time she’ll celebrate my birthday as my granddaughter-in-law. I pestered her for a long time, and only then did she tell me that you were calling off the marriage.

“You were just photographed by the press the other day shopping with the maid, yet you called off the marriage with Aura two days later. You’re saying that this is just a coincidence?“

Joshua smiled. “Granny, since when has your mind become so meticulous?“

Granny Lynch rolled her eyes at him. “I ‘ve always been that way! “


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