Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy By Inked Snow Chapter 76

Read Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy By Inked Snow Chapter 76 – “Yes.“

Luna looked at him seriously. “After all, in the Lynch family, I am worth a million dollars. Asking for a raise isn’t too much, right?“

“It isn’t.“ Joshua put the check down and leaned back. He changed into a more comfortable posture and looked at Luna. “You brought me this check just so you could ask me for a raise?“

Between the two of them, Joshua was the one sitting while she was standing, yet he had such an overpowering aura that Luna felt like she was the one looked down upon.

Luna nodded. “Of course.“ Her face was devoid of any emotion. “I have small goals, and I just want Mr. Lynch to give me a raise. These million bucks is too much for a servant like me. I feel guilty receiving it.“

Joshua stood up and gracefully walked toward her. “Is that so?“

“Of course.“

He reached out and lifted Luna’s chin with two fingers, forcing her to look into his deep, endless eyes.

“You’re refusing this money not because you feel guilty, but because you’re unwilling to leave me, right?“

His voice was low and melodious, somehow seductive and magnetic.

Even though Luna has no more feelings for Joshua, his voice still stirred something within her.

Luna looked away. “Mr. Lynch, don’t you already know my intentions aren’t you?“

Joshua snickered and pinned Luna to the wall, his body pressed against hers. “Even if your intentions aren’t me, that doesn’t mean you won’t have feelings for me.“

Luna’s heart raced wildly the moment Joshua touched her. It must have been because no man had touched her for so long, and that was why she reacted greatly to his touch.

“You’re blushing.“ Joshua reached his hand for her slender waist. His seductive voice rang in her ears, “ You miss me.“

Luna shut her eyes and struggled but could not break free no matter what.

Joshua seemed to have learned his lesson from the slap the day before. That day, he pinned her down tightly. She did not even have the room to struggle.

She bit her lips and tried to force her thrashing heart to calm down.

“Mr. Lynch, you’re truly mistaken. You should know that I have my own intentions of staying by your side, and it’s not because of money. Haven’t you had a background check on me? I was a jewelry designer when I was overseas, and my annual income is more than ten million. I have no regard for this million dollars.“

Luna’s words made Joshua a little stunned.

After a while, his expressions darkened as he let her go. “Luna, what on earth are your intentions?“ “You’ll know it when the time comes.“

After the ordeal, Luna strode to the door. She smiled at Joshua. “I’ve promised you that I’ll never hurt Nellie nor slander your ex-wife. You should stop asking me any more questions.“

She immediately turned and left, shutting the door on her way out.

Joshua remained in the same spot as he, in a daze, gazed at her retreating form. His palms still felt warm after holding her waist. He…somehow involuntarily did something he should not do to her again.

Joshua turned and returned to his chair. He opened the folder on his computer and flipped through the photos of Luna Gibson one by one with a complicated gaze.

He should not have.

He should not have done things to a woman he barely knew, not  while Luna Gibson was still alive.

After a while, he picked up his phone. “Lucas, bring me tomorrow’s documents. I’m going to work late. “

Half an hour later, Lucas arrived with the documents. “Sir, this is…“

Joshua ignored him and started browsing through the documents.

A faint lipstick stain was on the sleeve of Joshua’s white shirt.

Lucas recognized the color. It was the same shade of lipstick Luna wore that day, and that meant…

Lucas recalled the previous night that Joshua worked late. He was torturing himself because that was the night he molested Luna.

That day was the same, so was Joshua using work as a punishment?

At that thought, Lucas sighed heavily. “Sir, why don’t I find another maid for Ms. Nellie?”


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