Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy By Inked Snow Chapter 7

Read Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy [by Inked Snow] Chapter 7 – Luna’s lips twisted into a disbelieving frown. “Mr. Lynch, are you playing a joke on me? A woman like me, who behaved suspiciously toward you, that even my name is ripped off of your ex-wife, are you sure you want to hire me?”

Joshua knew that Luna had treated her before mocking him.

The man narrowed his eyes slightly.

If it was not for the fact that Nellie had just come home and he did not understand the child’s temper, he would not put his pride down and hire this dubious woman.

He had read up on her on his way to her apartment.

As a woman who just returned from abroad, she had no monetary issues, yet the first job she applied for after returning home was for a position as a servant at Blue Bay Villa?

If not him and not the Lynch Group, what was her target?


Just as the two of them were locked in a stalemate in the doorway, an exclamation of surprise from her neighbors drifted from the corridor. “That’s… Mr. Lynch, right?”

Joshua was a successful businessman who always appeared in the financial news. Only a few in Banyan City did not know him.

The voice of the man behind him made Joshua’s brows scrunch together fiercely.
In the next second, he grabbed Luna’s arm and pulled her aside, striding into the door.

Slam! The door closed loudly.

A neighbor’s voice came from outside the door, “Are you mistaken?”

“How can a VIP like Mr. Lynch come to a poor community like ours and be refused entry by a woman?”

“Mr. Lynch has a fiancée, and they’ve been engaged for five years…”

Their voices gradually faded.

After they disappeared, Luna turned to Joshua, her arms crossed over her chest. “They have a point, Mr. Lynch. A man like you shouldn’t come to a poor community like ours.”

Joshua raised his head and silently swept his gaze across the furnishings in the apartment.

Paintings were on the wall, the green plants on the table, and a teddy bear sat on the cupboard in the entryway.

With a daze, he felt as if he returned to the past—to six years ago.

When he and Luna just got married, she busied herself in the house.

“We need to hang some paintings here to make it look nicer!” “The green plants here, and it will give you a breath of fresh air!” “I put a little bear on the cupboard in the entry, so you’ll feel like there’s someone greeting you as soon as you enter the door…”

Joshua lowered his head as gazed at the woman who also had beautiful eyes like Luna Gibson.

This woman, whose name was also Luna, seemed to be intentionally imitating Luna.
From the way she walked, her figure, to her favorite ornaments; she was imitating all of it!

It was easy to find out what Luna Gibson liked.

Luna Gibson was an artist with quite a generous fame as she enjoyed sharing about her life and inspiration on social media sites.

Everything that appeared on the internet would stay on the internet. As long as she wanted to, she could easily find out about Luna Gibson’s interests and habits.

His gaze fell onto the teapot.

He laughed emotionlessly as he gracefully sat on the sofa. “Ms. Luna likes to drink coffee, too?”

Luna frowned, merely humming in reply.

Joshua raised his cup and took a sip before a cold smile slowly surfaced.

It was Arabica, but his wife Luna Gibson’s favorite was Robusta.

He raised his head, fingers gently rubbing against the exterior of the cup. “What a pity, Ms. Luna. Not only did you imitate my wife’s habits and behavior, you even designed your place to fill it with my wife’s touch…

“But alas, the coffee gave you away. My wife likes to drink coffee, but like me, she prefers Robusta. She never drinks Arabica beans.”

Luna paused and understood the meaning behind his words.

She laughed. “I see your ex-wife likes Robusta.”

When they were together, she accidentally found out he liked Robusta, so she told him she liked Robusta as well.

If he paid more attention, however, he would have realized that the beans she enjoyed were Arabica beans.

“As I expected, you’re doing this on purpose.”

He set down his cup as it smashed into the glass tabletop, and it clattered loudly.

Joshua’s deep eyes stared at her coldly. “Going through all this effort to imitate my wife, what do you want? ‘I idolize her, so I want to be like her.’ Is that it? ‘I idolize you, so I want to imitate her to please you.’

“Which one of these two would you prefer?”

Joshua squinted his eyes at her. “If your aim is to approach me, I suggest you give up now.”

Luna yawned, looking bored and uninterested. “That’s because you never loved her. No matter how much I imitate her, you won’t be interested, am I right?”

Joshua glared at her coldly, though he remained silent.

His gaze did not faze as she instead opened her mouth and continued, “Mr. Lynch, tell me: If I wanted to please you, shouldn’t I try imitating your fiancée instead? Since she can turn you from an ex-brother-in-law to a fiancé now, you must love her deeply.”

‘Love her deeply.’

These three words caused his brows to furrow tighter together.

After a moment, he glared at her and spoke, word by word, “I got engaged to Aura because it was my wife’s d***g wish.”

“Was it a special request from your wife before she died?”

Luna had her leg on one knee, expression calm as water, but the truth was that she was trembling inside!

All those years ago, they treated her so cruelly, yet even many years later, he still dared to say it was her d***g wish!

Steadying her hand that held her cup, she lowered her head and took a sip. “Your wife is such a kind woman that, even on her deathbed, she’d still give her husband away to someone else.”

Joshua’s eyes turned ice-cold.

He glared at her coldly. “Remember your place. I don’t want to hear such words in the future.”

With that, he took out his phone and dialed a number.

Not too long later, the door to the apartment was forcefully opened from the outside a
Lucas walked in and placed a document on the coffee table. “Ms. Luna, this is your contract for labor. If you’re unhappy with anything, please tell us, and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.”

Luna raised the contract and started reading.

“Being a servant is just my part-time position.” She pointed to one of the terms in the contract and said lightly, “But for the time being, I’d focus most of my time and effort on the Little Princess.”

She then pointed out some terms in detail and provided a solution.

Luna and Lucas were thoroughly engaged in their conversation.

Joshua remained in his seat in the corner, gaze faint as he stared into the distance, unsure what he was thinking about.

His eyes drifted away faintly, not knowing what he was thinking.

Half an hour later, the contract negotiations were completed.

Luna took up the pen and solemnly wrote down her name.

With a s****e of her pen, it represented that her plan to sneak into Blue Bay Villa was successful.

After signing the contract, Joshua stood up to leave when his cell phone rang.

“Sir,” the butler sounded anxious, his voice drifting in from the other end of the phone, “Ms. Aura Gibson is here! She dragged Miss Nellie out of her room, calling her a fake! Please come home quickly!”