Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy By Inked Snow Chapter 65

Read Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy By Inked Snow Chapter 65 – Luna had no laxatives on her.

She lowered her head. “I didn’t bring them with me.“

“Lucas,“ Joshua’s tone was ice-cold as he spoke, “go back to Blue Bay Villa and bring the remaining laxatives over.“

Then, he had a slightly flirtatious look. He looked at Luna with his deep, sharp eyes. “Where did you put it?”

Luna bit her lip. She did not know why this man was suddenly so excited and insistent she consumed the laxatives he had consumed.

She furrowed her brows. “Mr. Lynch, it’s too much o f a trouble to get Lucas to go back and take them.

We’re in a hospital, why don’t we get the doctor to “Yes! “ Lucas clearly did not want to make a trip back to Blue Bay Villa, but before Luna could finish, Lucas interrupted, “Sir, why don’t I go and get the doctor now?“

“I said, I want her to eat her remaining portion.“ Joshua swept a cold glance at Lucas. His tone was cold enough to freeze the Arctic. “Don’t you get it? “

Lucas was stunned. His expressions darkened gradually.

He raised his eyes and looked at Luna dismally. “ Where did you put the laxatives?“

Luna shut her eyes. She did not even have any laxatives, so she could only come up with something.

“On the bottom drawer of my nightstand.“

Those were vitamins which she bought not long ago. She intended to let Nellie have them. Under such circumstances, however, she only had that to offer.

“Lucas.“ Joshua flatly eyed Lucas.

“I ‘ll head back right now.“ Lucas immediately got out of the ward at that.

Once the door was shut, Luna and Joshua were left alone in the room. The atmosphere was dreary and depressing, and Luna felt her throat go dry. It was uncomfortable.

“I’ll go get some water. I’ll be right back.“ “I have water here.“

Joshua looked at her and pointed at the still- steaming cup on the nightstand.

Luna l****d her chapped lips. “I think I better go and get a bottle myself…“

“Why? Do you have a problem with mine?“ Joshua raised his eyebrows.

How could Luna say yes? She smiled. “I’m only afraid that you’ll be uncomfortable if I drink your water.“

“I won’t be. “ He stared at her with his deep eyes. “

Drink up.“

Luna was speechless. She hesitated for a long while before she inhaled deeply and walked to the bedside.

She picked up the cup of steaming warm water and took a sip.

The warm water made her feel much better. Even her mood was better.

“There are laxatives in the water.” Joshua’s low voice suddenly rang in her ears.

Startled, Luna instinctively took a step back and looked at Joshua, her eyes filled with shock.

Since when did he d**g the water? Did he not just wake up?

Luna’s shocked expressions cheered up Joshua immensely.

He changed into a comfortable position on the bed. “ I lied.”

Luna was flabbergasted.

Since when did this man know how to joke around? Was he not always a person who was so serious it was borderline terrifying?


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