Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy By Inked Snow Chapter 60

Read Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy By Inked Snow Chapter 60 – “I’m going to put Ms. Nellie back to bed.“

Luna bent and took Nellie into her arms. She pushed Joshua aside and strode back into the villa.

Joshua stood on the spot, brows furrowed as he looked at Luna walking away.

The door of the entrance was shut.

Joshua looked at the door with his deep eyes. After a while, he took his phone out and dialed Lucas.

“Get the car.“

On the other end of the call, Lucas sounded groggy. “ Mr. Lynch, it’s late. Where do you want to go?“

“To the office,“ came the reply. Lucas was so stunned that he was momentarily speechless. “ Didn’t you bring all your work back to the villa? Why are you returning to the office?“

“I regret my decision. Why? Do you have anything to say about that?“

How would Lucas dare have anything to say?

Lucas immediately got up from his girlfriend’s bed and quickly drove to Blue Bay Villa. He helped carry the stack of documents in Joshua’s study into the car as he then sent Joshua to the office.

Sitting in the backseat, Joshua looked out of the window and watched as the night scene drifted by. He furrowed his brows hard.

He did not know why, but Luna’s face kept appearing on his mind—her exquisitely beautiful face, and even her face of shock and rage when he almost kissed her.

Joshua frowned hard. He did not know what was happening to him.

He was deeply in love with another person. He had given his heart to a woman called Luna Gibson.

Why was he livid when he heard Luna talking intimately on the phone, then? Seeing her happy face made him so agitated that he lost his mind!

What happened to him? Was he like other men? Did he have a change of heart? Did…

At that thought, he frowned harder.

No, he would never. His love and thoughts for Luna Gibson had remained for five years already.

For the past five years, besides Aura, he has had countless beautiful and outstanding women around him. Even if Luna was gorgeous, extremely gorgeous, she was like other women he had seen before.

However, none of the women were like Luna, who would make him have such reckless impulses.

Unknowingly, the car reached the Lynch Group Tower.

He got down from the car and was about to get Lucas to bring the documents up when two bodyguards came out rushing from the building.

It was Zach and Yuri, the ones with the little boy who saved Nellie at the amusement park previously. “Mr. Lynch, you’re working late.”

“Mr. Bean, pass this to me. It’s so heavy. I’ll help you!”

Zach and Yuri came to greet Joshua animatedly.

Joshua thought about the little boy. He furrowed his brows and glanced at Zach. “Are you in touch with the little boy?”

Zach furrowed his brows. “The little boy?”

“He means our boss! ” Yuri muttered as he held the documents to his form.

Zach slapped his head. “Ah, our boss. Yes, we are, and we just talked to him online just now.”

“Hmm.” Joshua furrowed his brows. “Get him to come over. I’m looking for him.”


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