Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy By Inked Snow Chapter 54

Read Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy By Inked Snow Chapter 54 – Six years ago, when she was the mistress of the house, no one showed her the respect that she deserved.

Lucas hesitated for a while, “Yes.“

“That is your own theory.“

Luna found a spoon and tray from the cabinet and washed them.

“I have gone through enough grievances in my entire life. I do not want to feel that way anymore.“

Then, she held the tray, went past Lucas, and headed upstairs.

Lucas stood on the same spot. Looking at her slender figure, his eyes dimmed.

If there was a choice, who would want to feel aggrieved? However, if they did not win over Aura at that moment, it would be too late when she married into the family.


Master Bedroom.

When Luna entered with the soup, Joshua was leaning on the head of the bed, looking at his phone.

He was still hungover from the night before. His head hurt so much that he had difficulty getting out of bed.

His mind was foggy. He had trouble remembering what happened the day before.

When Luna entered, Joshua furrowed his brows and put his phone down. At the thought about his actions the night before, Luna’s expressions turned cold.

She came in with an ice -cold expression and passed the soup to him.

Joshua furrowed his brows lightly. He swept a glance at her reddened and puffy eyes.

“Were you crying?“

This was the same question he asked her the night before. Luna could not help but sneer.

She locked eyes with him and said mockingly, “Mr. Lynch, you asked me the same time last night in the living room. Are you trying to reenact the scene?

Pinning me down the very next second, then telling me how you met your wife?“

Joshua frowned. He barely remembered anything from the night before.

“I…told you about my wife last night?“


Seeing how Joshua did not take the soup, Luna immediately placed the spoon and soup by his nightstand.

“Mr. Lynch, you even said that you got engaged with Ms. Gibson all because of your wife. Your wife must be a great person. She died while pregnant. She could barely care for her children, yet she did not forget to put her sister in her will.

“Those that know would understand how great your wife is. Those that don’t will think that you have a secret ongoing relationship with Ms. Gibson and you k****d your wife to silence her! “

This was what she has been holding in her heart for a long time. She wanted to tell that to Joshua’s face for a long time.

She wanted to see his reaction when he heard these words. She wanted to see him panic when his lies were being exposed.

However, she was disappointed.

Joshua did not panic at all, neither was he frantic. He looked at her indifferently.

“Who gave you the permission to talk about my family? You are just a servant.“

He did not need to explain himself to a servant, but he could not deny that her words made him uncomfortable. Extremely uncomfortable.

For the past six years, he has been thinking about Luna Gibson day and night. He could not let anyone defame her or misunderstand his feelings for her.

“Yes, I am only a servant.“ Luna chuckled bitterly. Her eyes turned colder. “I have no right to talk about my master’s family affairs. I also do not have the right to seek justice for myself. Even if I was secretly photographed and insulted by others, I can only bear it. After all, the mistress of this house is your fiancée, Ms. Gibson! “

Then, Luna did not care what reaction Joshua had, she turned and left.

Joshua looked at the door being slammed shut. He frowned hard.

After a while, he remembered that he had a meeting. He took the bowl of soup by the nightstand and drank them.

The taste of the soup…

Suddenly, his sharp eyes widened.


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