Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy By Inked Snow Chapter 51

Read Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy [by Inked Snow] Chapter 51 – Luna ignored him.

The person she did not want to see most at that moment was Joshua.

She went past the sofa and headed to the kitchen to pour herself a glass of water.

“Get me a glass too, “ Joshua’s low and aloof voice came from the living room.

Luna rolled her eyes and swore at him in her heart, but she still respectfully poured him a glass of water and placed it on the coffee table.

She did not forget that she was a maid at that moment. He was the master of the house.

The maid pouring a glass of water for her master. It was the most ordinary thing in the world.

“Why were you crying?“

The moment she put the glass of water on the coffee table, Joshua gracefully tapped his cigarette onto the ashtray.

His deep eyes were locked onto her face like he was trying to read her mind.

Luna sniffled, put the glass down, and stood up straight. “Nothing. I just wanted to cry.“

She gave Joshua a respectful glance. “Mr. Lynch, if there is nothing else, I’m heading upstairs.“

Then, she turned and was about to leave.

When she walked past Joshua, he reached his long arm out and pulled her into his arms.

The smell of alcohol on Joshua wafted into Luna’s nose.

“Are you feeling aggrieved because of Aura? Hmm? “ He pressed her onto the sofa. His voice was low and melodious.

Luna was uncomfortable with the sudden close contact. She tried to struggle from his grip, but the disparity of strength left her defenseless.

In the end, she tried to push him away with all her might and ended up gasping for air lying on the sofa.

“You’re drunk.“

“I am not.“ Joshua did not touch her anymore. He only leaned back on the sofa and sneered.

“What is there to be aggrieved about? Even if Aura was in the wrong, you came to me with unrealistic expectations too.“

“I’m the one who lost more today.“ Luna was amused by this theory of his.

She sneered and looked at Joshua, “But you accept her slander against you too, right? She is your fiancée. You could accept all her shortcomings. You are even willing to help her clear her name. However, I’m not the same. I am just an ordinary person who has nothing to do with her. I was secretly photographed and being called a mistress, don’t I have the right to be aggrieved?“

Joshua slightly furrowed his brows. He helped her sit up. Facing her, Joshua lifted the glass of water and downed the water in one go.

“Actually…Aura means a lot to me. She means a lot to my wife too.“

Luna stopped breathing. She did not expect that Joshua would bring her up.

Luna smiled. “Is that so?“

Was Aura really that important?

Indeed, Aura was important to her. Back then, she treated Aura as her closest sister. She would share everything with her.

Later on, Aura even took her husband away from her. Then, Aura became a warning sign for her in her life.

Every time she wanted to trust someone easily, she would think of Aura.


Joshua looked at Luna, drunk. “Aura is my wife’s younger sister, the person she loved the most. My wife is the kindest and cutest person in the world.“

Joshua looked at her, but his gaze was somewhat in a daze, looking into the distance. “The first time I saw her was in university. She was standing under the cherry blossom tree. She was so beautiful I could not take my eyes off her…“