Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy By Inked Snow Chapter 50

Read Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy [by Inked Snow] Chapter 50 – However, there was nothing much Nigel could apologize for regarding this matter.

After all, he was only trying to help her speed up the process of splitting Joshua and Aura up.

Only that, none of them expected that Joshua’s partiality to Aura was to an extreme extent.

At that thought, Luna let out a long sigh. She replied to Nigel, [I don’t blame you. Take good care of yourself].

Actually, this was the first time Nigel has sent her a message ever since Luna returned to the country.

The last time, on the Ferris Wheel, Nigel did contact Luna via Nellie’s necklace, but that was due to an emergency.

Nigel was against her decision to return to the country. Because of that, Nigel even gave her the cold shoulder.

“Mommy, please don’t go back? We’ll find a better way. We don’t need that man.

“I don’t want you to return to him. I don’t want you to bear him another child.

“If that’s the case, I would rather d*e than let you suffer. Don’t have anything to do with that man, please…

“I would rather d*e than spend the last few moments of my life seeing you being tortured by him. I don’t want to see you suffer…“ When she left, Nigel said those words to her.

They rang in her ears once more at that moment. Luna closed her eyes in pain.

Perhaps it was because she was too weak when she first got pregnant. When she gave birth to the three of them, Nellie had been weak and sick since young. Nigel was also diagnosed with leukemia when he was five years old. Neil’s bone marrow was incompatible with Nigel’s, Nellie was always on m********n because of her weak body, so her bone marrow was not healthy too.

Malcolm has searched high and low but could not find a successful match with Nigel.

In the end, returning back to Joshua was Luna’s only choice.

(I will take good care of myself.] Soon after, Nigel replied, (Mommy, take good care of Neil and Nellie. More importantly, you have to take care of yourself too. If it’s too insufferable, come back. I don’t need to find a cure for my disease.]

Luna wanted to cry at how mature Nigel was. She has been back in the country for almost a week.

She initially thought she had already driven a wedge between Joshua and Aura, but everything that happened today told her she was wrong.

No matter what, in Joshua’s eyes, Aura was irreplaceable.

If not, he would not have falsified evidence to protect Aura, when the evidence right in front of him was overwhelming.

Trying to get him to abandon Aura and be with her seemed difficult.

It was just like six years ago, how she could not make him fall in love with her. In the end, Luna hid under the covers and could not help but cry while looking at Nigel’s message.

She was not a good mother. If she were to take care of herself previously, Nellie might be healthy, Nigel would not be sick either.

She cried and messaged Nigel to take good care of himself.

After a while, her tears slowly stopped falling. She had been crying for a long time and she was rather parched.

Luna wiped her tears and went downstairs to pour herself some water.

It was dark downstairs. Luna did not switch on the lights. She followed the faint lights from the side of the wall and headed downstairs.

A cigarette smell was coming from the living room downstairs. The flame from the cigarette butt was waving in the air too.

Luna furrowed her brows. Before she could process what was happening, the lights in the living room were switched on.

Joshua was lazing on the sofa smoking.

When the living room lights were switched on, Joshua raised his eyebrows and looked at Luna.

He immediately noticed her reddened, puffy eyes. ”Were you crying?”