Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy By Inked Snow Chapter 44

Read Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy [by Inked Snow] Chapter 44 – The computer barely just shut down when Joshua appeared by the door.

“Joshua.” Aura awkwardly stood up and smiled unnaturally. She subconsciously placed herself in front of the computer, blocking them from Joshua.

“Why would you come here suddenly?”

Joshua furrowed his brows lightly. He looked at Lucas. “Turn on the computer.”

Aura tried to stop Lucas. She smiled at Joshua. “Why are you trying to look into my computer?”

Then, she pretended to calmly instruct her manager, “Why don’t you bring the guest downstairs and make some tea?” When she said that, her tone was trembling a little already.

Joshua, who was standing by the door, was indifferent. “There is no need for tea. If you don’t want Lucas to turn on your computer, you’ll do it yourself.”

Aura clenched her fists tightly. He came too suddenly. She did not have time to prepare at all!

Her computer was not only filled with her conversation with the spammers but also the photographs that were taken of Joshua and Luna shopping!

If Joshua saw all these, the consequences would be bad!

“Could Ms. Gibson be hiding something in her computer?“

At that moment, an aloof woman’s voice rang through. Aura was stunned.

She looked up and saw Luna standing next to Joshua. Luna the maid who was insulted and bullied online at her instructions!

Why was she here?

Although Aura created the rumor of Joshua and Luna the maid being together, Aura knew better than anyone that Joshua had only Luna Gibson in his heart!

He would not care about Luna the maid, so why did he bring her over?

A bad feeling washed over Aura.

“Lucas,“ Joshua instructed frigidly once more.

Lucas went around Aura and turned on the computer. “Sir, I have found something.“

Joshua swept a glance at Aura and walked over.

Just as he expected. The computer was filled with information and documents regarding the planning of the incident that morning.

“Heh.“ Joshua sneered. The hostility he released from his body was enough to freeze the entire air in the room.

Aura’s face has lost all of its colors.

Luna, standing by the door, squinted her eyes. She was still taking care of Nellie at home when Lucas called her over, saying that Joshua wanted to bring her to Aura’s place.

When she came here, she still thought that the crazy man wanted her to apologize to Aura.

She did not expect that he would come to Aura’s house to expose her to her crimes.

Luna knew that Joshua would find out sooner or later about Aura’s schemes, but she never thought that he would find out about it so soon.

It did not even take a day, Joshua has already deduced the entire incident. He even appeared in Aura’s house out of the blue to gather evidence.

This man is much smarter than she gave him credit for.

After looking at the documents, Joshua calmly turned around and sat on a chair. He crossed his legs gracefully. He looked at Aura coldly. “Please explain.“


Aura bit her lips and suddenly thought of something. She stood by the door and called her manager in.


Aura slapped her manager brutally. Her manager fell to the ground.

“What the h**l are you doing?“

Aura glared at her manager angrily. “I told you to work from home, yet you did all these things behind my back? When I saw the news today, I knew it was fake for sure. I told you to deal with it! Turns out you were the mastermind behind it ! How could you do this to me! “