Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy By Inked Snow Chapter 40

Read Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy [by Inked Snow] Chapter 40 – Not long after, Luna’s phone rang once more.

She looked at the screen. It said, [Malcolm Quinn]. She furrowed her brows and answered.

“Luna.” Malcolm’s low voice came from the other end of the line. “I saw the news in Banyan City.”

Malcolm sighed. “Why did you become Joshua Lynch’s maid?”

Luna shrugged. “It’s a long story.”

Before coming back to the country, she has made many preparations on ways to get close to Joshua.

However, before she could execute any of her plans, Neil has already sent Nellie to be with Joshua. She had no choice but to become Joshua’s maid.

Everything went off track from her initial plans. However, she could still handle them.

“I saw that Joshua’s people have already started dealing with the rumors online.” Malcolm sounded stern. “However, the party creating the rumors seems to be a tough character to deal with. Joshua’s men are having difficulty dealing with them. Do you want my help?”

Luna let out a breath. “No need.”

Back then, it was Malcolm who rescued her from the sea. He saved her life and the life of her three kids too. She has caused him too much trouble for the past six years.

She decided to seek revenge on her own.

Of course, Malcolm knew what she was thinking about. He was silent for a while. “I just don’t want to see other people hurting you.“

“I‘m used to it, I’ll be fine. “ Luna sighed and subtly changed the topic. “How has Nigel been recently?“

“Great. “ Malcolm chuckled helplessly. “I think he’s addicted to being a hacker. He has been only facing computers every day. Don’t worry. Nigel will be fine. I’m here.“

Lynch Group Tower.

The atmosphere in the office was so overwhelming one could not breathe.

Joshua furrowed his brows and looked at the video which was being duplicated non -stop. He frowned hard.

This was the video of him and Luna shopping. He has used all his resources and manpower, but it still could not stop the video from spreading online.

Lucas secretly wiped the cold sweat off his head. “ Sir, no matter how we tried, we can’t seem to delete the video. Someone has encrypted the video and embedded a virus into the coding of the video. We can’t crack it.“

Joshua narrowed his eyes. Unable to crack it?

The Lynch Group has many amazing programmers. None of them could crack the video?

Joshua furrowed his brows. He immediately pulled over the keyboard beside him and started decoding o n his own. He quickly located the source and locked it onto the opposite party’s computer.

Back then, when he was together with Luna Gibson, there was a period where she was crazy for hacker movies. She always shared posters of hacker movies with her friends.

She thought that hackers were cool. They were skillful and charming. However, back then, Joshua scoffed at her ideas.

However, he still studied how to become a hacker during his free time. Before he could even show off his skills as a hacker to her, she left.

Joshua sighed. He has not been a hacker for six years already. His skills were a little rusty too.

However, he still swiftly managed to break through the other party’s first layer of the firewall.

At that moment, across the ocean, in a patient’s ward, a computer started blaring a loud warning sound.

Nigel, who was resting on his bed with his eyes shut, immediately jumped down from the bed and went to the computer.

His firewall has been hacked into?

He bit his lips and quickly typed on the keyboard. He started fortifying his second layer of firewall.

His opponent was a skillful one.

Nigel typed on his keyboard ferociously. Beads of sweat started forming on his forehead. This was the first time he has met a worthy opponent!

Joshua looked at the computer screen coldly. “Lucas, get me a cup of coffee.”

Clearly, the other party has found out about his existence. He was defending with all his might.

Joshua wanted to see who this skilled hacker who spread rumors about him was!