Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy By Inked Snow Chapter 39

Read Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy [by Inked Snow] Chapter 39 – Joshua never lifted his head one bit.

After a while, he said flatly, “Leave. I want to be alone.”

“Okay.” Aura let out a deep sigh and left the office.

In a stairwell outside the President’s office.

Zach and Yuri were on a break. They secretly dialed Neil.

“Boss, guess what we heard just now? Granny Lynch came to President Lynch’s office and made a huge fuss. I even said something about calling off the engagement…”

Neil, on the other end of the line, became excited. “What else!”

“We didn’t catch much of it, but after Granny Lynch left, Aura and President Lynch were discussing the calling off of the engagement. I guess they are going to split sooner or later!”

“That’s great!” Neil exhaled. After praising Zach and Yuri, Neil hung up.

He excitedly paced around the house. In the end, he could not help but take his phone and order a huge meal.

An hour later, Anne was shocked to see a feast on the dining table. “Where did you get the money to buy all this food?”

An hour later, Anne was shocked to see a feast on the dining table. “Where did you get the money to buy all this food?“

Neil shrugged his shoulders. “From being a spammer online.“

Anne furrowed her brows, “You’re a spammer?“


Neil smiled. “Nigel and I got a case for spreading rumors this morning.“ Then, Neil took his phone and transferred money to Luna.

(When I noticed that Aura was scheming at something, I got Nigel to create a spammers’ syndicate and come up with a spammer program, so we could earn from her. This is the money we earned from her and the details of her hiring us. Have a look.

Luna looked at the price of the bill on her phone. There were other records of Aura hiring spammers too. She sighed helplessly.

(So you two rascals helped her spread rumors about me?]

[Mommy, you can’t look at it in that way.]

Neil thought that Luna was really angry. He immediately put down his utensils and explained earnestly, (Aura got someone to photograph you. She wanted to spread rumors online. Even if Nigel and I did nothing, she would still hire other hackers and spammers. Also, if she were to hire someone else, we won’t be able to get all this information so easily. I know Mommy, you’re not short on cash, but isn’t it good to earn this money from Aura? A price must be paid to achieve our goals.]

Neil anxiously typed. (Mommy, if you’re really uncomfortable with it, I’11 get Nigel to stop right now! ]

Luna was sitting by the balcony at Blue Bay Villa reading the messages, with the sun and gentle breeze blowing by.

After a while, she smiled.

(I’m not angry. I never expected that you two could be so smart.]

Luna did not care about the insulting news online. After all, they do not know the truth, it was easy for them to say that the maid was seducing her master.

Compared to six years ago, when Aura and Joshua came up with a rumor saying that she cheated and k****d herself due to guilt, this rumor was nothing.

Luna Gibson’s reputation has been utterly destroyed by them, so the comments online did not harm her.

Perhaps Neil and Nigel understood her, that was why they were so bold in doing that.

(Mommy, as long as you’re fine with it.]

Neil’s heart hanging in suspense was finally released.

(But, Mommy, Aura sent us money again. She wants us to continue to make sure the topic remains trending. Should we do it?]

[Do it.]

Luna slightly squinted her eyes. (Since she’s not satisfied yet, do it until she’s satisfied. If she wants to make a commotion, help her make a commotion.]

Joshua was not an i***t. She believed that soon, he would know the truth. By then, Aura’s smug and pride will become cold, hard evidence against her.

She wanted to see whether Joshua would still continue loving Aura if he realized how terrible Aura was!

[Okay, Mommy.]

Neil typed quickly. (Nigel and I will be careful. If you feel the news online is making you uncomfortable, let us know at any time and we will stop it immediately.]


When she finished chatting with Neil, Luna looked up at the trees blowing in the breeze. She let out a long sigh.