Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy By Inked Snow Chapter 29

Read Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy [by Inked Snow] Chapter 29 – “Why?”

As he noticed the little boy’s shocked expression, Joshua’s lips twisted into a smile. “Surprised to see me?”

Neil swallowed and nodded honestly. ” It is indeed a surprise…”

How did he find this place?

“It seems that there’s no need to introduce myself.” The man took a clean glass and poured himself a glass of beer gracefully. “Since you saved my daughter, why are you avoiding me?”

“No, I didn’t avoid you.” Neil turned away guiltily and dared not look at him.

Although he repeatedly scolded him for being a scumbag, Neil still felt uncomfortable and uneasy when he suddenly appeared next to him.

Joshua chuckled. “You really didn’t avoid me?”

Neil coughed slightly. “I do good deeds without leaving a name.”

“Not only do you leave no name, but also leave no trace?”

His men had scoured through the whole amusement park and checked everyone that entered and exited the park, but they could not find him.

Neil took a sip of orange juice and said not a word.

Joshua did not fixate on his previous question. He picked up the bottle of orange juice and filled up Neil’s empty glass. “How old are you?”

“Six years old.” As old as Nellie.

Joshua looked at the young boy beside him, a hint of appreciation in his eyes. “How do you know how to operate the Ferris wheel?”

Neil glanced at him. “That’s confidential.” Joshua smiled lightly. “What if I insist?”

He had watched the surveillance video: The little boy went straight for the main control room after Nellie had an accident. When he found that the door of the main control room could not be opened, he used the two security guards who had gone up the stairs to achieve his goal without hesitation.

This little boy’s wit and ability to react to changes even surpassed many adults.

“Why do you have to know?” Neil took a sip of orange juice to conceal his panic. “Are you trying to steal my tricks and do good deeds like me in the future?”

The little guy’s tone of serious ridicule amused Joshua.

“Why are your mannerisms so adult-like?”

He was so mature that he did not seem like a six-year-old child.

Neil looked at him and frowned, thinking for a while.

“Maybe it’s because my father died early; the grass on his grave was already two -feet -tall before I was born. That’s why I matured early.”

When the little guy said this, he was smiling.

No matter how hard he tried, Joshua found his words awkward, but he just could not put a finger on why it sounded like that.

He turned his head and looked at this child who was as old as Nellie, trying to comfort him, “Your dad will turn into a star and look over you in the sky.”

He had no experience, but in the American dramas Lucas watched, people seemed to comfort little kids like this.

Neil rolled his eyes silently. Did that not sound too old-fashioned?

He shrugged. “Forget it. If my scumbag father turned into a star and looked down at me from the sky, I might not dare to go out at night.”

“I’ll be disgusted to d***h.”

Joshua was stunned. How come he felt that this child grew particularly rude every time he mentioned his father?

Was it because children who lacked their father’s love were particularly vulnerable?

Inexplicably, he thought of Nellie—she was already six years old.

In the six years before she returned to him, did she live as a fatherless child, too?

He coughed slightly. “Life without your father…is it very tough?”

“Not really.” Neil curled his lips and smiled evilly at Joshua. “A scumbag like him, the sooner he dies, the better. Although I’m his son, I also want to rid society of a bane like him.”

The line baffled Joshua.

They could not continue the conversation any further.

Seeing that the atmosphere was about to grow cold, Neil reluctantly gave face to him. “What are you asking me this?”

” I just want to know that for a child like you, who lived without a father suddenly found one, what do you hope he’ll do for you?”

In the past, Joshua was such a cold and distant person that he barely even talked to his friends.

He did not know why, but it felt like he had seen this little boy before, inexplicably wanting to get close to him and chat with him.