Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy By Inked Snow Chapter 111

Read Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy By Inked Snow Chapter 111 – “Daddy, Aunty, what are you guys talking about?“

Nellie noticed that Luna and Joshua had been looking at her. She ran over, smiling brighter than the sun.

Joshua glanced at Luna. He raised his hands and patted Nellie’s head. “Nothing much. Do you like the dress?“

“I do! “ Nellie’s voice was bright as a bell. “Mommy made this herself for me. I love it!“

While moving about, a little ornament on the back of her dress fell off.

Luna furrowed her brows. “Don’t simply move about.“

Nellie obediently stopped moving.

Luna picked up the fallen ornament. “Bring me the box.“

“Hmm! “ Nellie ran to get the box over.

“Do I have to take the dress off?“ Nellie asked innocently with a cocked head.

“No need.“ Luna took out the needle and thread from the bottom compartment of the box with ease.

“Turn around.“ Nellie obediently did so.

Luna skillfully threaded the needle, placed the ornament back to its original position, and sewed it up.

After that, she let out a long breath. She checked up on Nellie’s dress once more before putting the needle and thread back into the box.

She made this dress a very long time ago. Back then, she had just begun learning how to make this dress. Her method and technique were not good enough yet.

Looking at it at that moment, there were quite a lot of mistakes made on the dress.

She put the box back and lifted her head. She immediately met with Joshua’s eyes.

He looked at her. “You seem to be familiar with the box and dress.“

He personally went to Emerald City, to the place where Luna used to live, to search for the box.

Whether it be her place or the box, it was covered in dust. Clearly, no one has been there for a very long time. The box has not been opened by anyone too, yet Luna could accurately locate the needle and thread at the bottom compartment.

This was surprising.

Facing his dangerous-looking gaze, previously Luna perhaps might panic, but at that moment, she calmly smiled.

“I used to work as a tailor. The dress’s structure is a simple one. Clearly done by an amateur. It’s nothing too challenging. Also, lots of people would put needles and thread in the box out of habit.“

Then, she looked at Joshua. “It’s not surprising that I could guess where it was. Mr. Lynch, you, on the other hand. You loved your ex-wife so deeply, how could you not know that she was an amateur? You don’t even know her sewing habits.“

Joshua was caught off guard.

He admitted that he never truly cared for Luna Gibson in the past. Joshua’s eyes dimmed. “When she made this dress, I was not by her side.“

“Only when she was making this dress?“

No matter what she did back then, he never once accompanied her. Even when she went for the doctor’s check-up on her pregnancy, she went alone.

At first, she thought that he was busy, that he was a man who put his career first.

She even kindly let Aura become his secretary, to help him share his workload.

What happened then? They had an affair together.

Luna could even imagine that every time he claimed that he was on a business trip, how happy Aura and he would be having fun.

She was perhaps the most foolish person in the world. “Luna.“

Her constant provocations made Joshua frowned hard. He glared at her coldly. “This is not something you should ask. Don’t think that just because it’s your last day here, I will allow you to cross the line and invade my privacy.“

Luna paused for a while before sneering, “I’m sorry. I was just casually asking. I didn’t expect to hit a sore spot with you, Mr. Lynch.“

She stood up and bowed arrogantly. “I’m sorry, Sir. I won’t do it again.”

Then, she turned around and went upstairs.

Looking at going up the stairs, Joshua furrowed his brows hard.

This woman was getting more and more arrogant. “Daddy, don’t be angry at Aunty.” Nellie seemed to have noticed Joshua’s fury. She carefully went closer toward him and tugged on the corner of his clothes. “ Aunty is just in a bad mood because she is going to be separated from me. Don’t make it hard for her.”


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