Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy By Inked Snow Chapter 108

Read Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy By Inked Snow Chapter 108 – “If not, I would have had a guilty conscience working for you.“

Aura immediately frowned at Luna’s words. She immediately opened the car door and got down from the car.

She strode over Luna. “I dare you to say another word! “

Luna looked at her coldly. “It will still be the same no matter how much I say.“

Aura gritted her teeth.

Luna was in a cheap servant’s uniform with no make-up on her face. She looked poor and miserable. How dare she look at her with those eyes!

Her aloofness in her eyes made Aura feel like she was in a different rank compared to Luna. Those condescending, cold eyes were the same as Luna Gibson back then!

Looking at Luna at that moment, Aura even felt that she was once more back under the shadows of Luna Gibson. At that thought, Aura was infuriated.

She could not find Luna Gibson nor handle her. Could she not even deal with a lowly servant?

Aura bit her lips. She walked over quickly to Luna in her seven-centimeters-tall high heels.

She raised her hands and slapped Luna brutally. Aura thought that she was quick enough to slap Luna, she did not expect that Luna was quicker.

The moment she raised her hands, Luna accurately grabbed her hand in mid-air.

Luna looked at Aura coldly. “Only the incompetent would resort to violence.“

Then, she grabbed Aura’s hand and flung it hard.

Aura lost her balance and fell to the ground. Her expensive dress was covered in dirt. Her hair was in a mess. She was looking wretched.

“Luna! “

Aura got up with difficulty. She glared fiercely at Luna’s back. “If I can get rid of Luna Gibson, I could get rid of you too! Don’t think that once you leave Blue Bay Villa, I can’t do anything to you! You’re nothing but just a servant. I will make sure you

won’t be able to survive in Banyan City! “

Luna waved her hands without turning back. “I look forward to it.“

Then, she entered Blue Bay Villa.

Aura was so furious she stomped her feet in the same spot.

When Luna returned to Blue Bay Villa, it was almost lunchtime. She was supposed to have a last lunch with Joshua, but she did not know where he was.

“Aunty! “

Once she entered, Nellie smiled at her from the dining table. She waved at Luna. “Is everything alright?“

Luna shook her head. “No problem.” “That’s good! “

Nellie smiled and took some food for Luna. “You have been taking care of me all this while. I want to return the favor.”

Nellie blinked her round eyes adorably. “Don’t say no to me. I have recently learned how to take care of people.”

Then, Nellie picked her little bowl up and carefully fed Luna. Looking at Nellie in a proper caregiver posture, Luna smiled helplessly. “You were watching so many nursing videos just because of this?”

Nellie smiled embarrassingly. “Yes, I did well, right?”

No matter where she stood, Nellie did not want Luna to leave. Seeing how understanding her daughter was, Luna could not help but hug Nellie.

“Nellie.” Luna sniffled. Her nose became sore. “You don’t have to learn how to take care of others. Just take good care of yourself.”

Nellie nodded. She wanted to say something when she saw the person by the door. She stopped moving.


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