Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy By Inked Snow Chapter 104

Read Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy By Inked Snow Chapter 104 – “Aura, have some.“

While Natasha was feeding Nellie, she placed some prosciutto into Aura’s plate. “You’ve gotten skinny recently.“

Aura was indifferent to Natasha’s concerns. She did not even thank her and picked up her utensils and ate them quickly.

Luna lowered her head and forced her tears from falling. She has lost all energy to continue bickering with Aura.

Turns out this was how her mother thought of her. After leaving her for six years, everything has changed.

Her mother, who once used to believe her unconditionally, has been brainwashed by Aura. She no longer believes in Luna.


If only her mother could trust her more, she would realize Aura and Joshua’s scheme. It was flawed and filled with errors.

If only her mother held on a little longer, she would have the courage to secretly reconcile with her.

She has left her mother for way too long. She wanted to bury herself in her mother’s arms and cry.

Distrust, misunderstood, and unfamiliarity. They were like a huge wall blocking her. She could only

continue putting on her mask, being a stranger to her own mother.

Luna did not enjoy that meal at all. When she put her utensils down, her phone rang.

“Bring Nellie back after eating.“ Joshua’s tone was cold and low. “Your son has told me that you understood how Aura thought of Nellie. If you knew so, why would you dare bring Nellie to have a meal with her? Hmm?“

Luna pursed her lips. She turned back to look at Natasha who was happily playing with Nellie. “Ms. Nellie’s Grandma is here. I just thought that Ms. Nellie just came back from overseas. She should spend some time with her grandmother, so I…“

Joshua scoffed, “Since when did you become so humane?“

Luna furrowed her brows. “Since when was I ever not?“

“When you treat me.“

“Mr. Lynch, you must be joking. How would I dare do so?”

Joshua was silent for a while. After a moment, he continued, “Just bring Nellie back. No matter how much Natasha likes Nellie, she would still bring Aura along.“


After hanging up, Luna took a deep breath. She walked over to Natasha. “Mr. Lynch wants me to bring Ms. Nellie back now.“

Natasha reluctantly put Nellie down. “I don’t cause you trouble. You may go.”

Luna nodded and looked at Natasha meaningfully. Then, she picked Nellie up and strode away.

“Let’s continue shopping, didn’t you say you wanted to buy a skirt?”

“Hmm, Mom, I’ll buy one for you.” “I’m not as vain as you…”

Luna carried Nellie and walked away fast.

However, Aura and Natasha’s conversation could still be heard from behind.

After she made sure that she was out of their sight, Luna ran. She ran until she could no longer hear them before stopping.

Nellie, who was in her arms, raised her little hand and wiped off her tears, heartbroken.

“Mommy, you’re crying.”


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