Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy By Inked Snow Chapter 103

Read Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy By Inked Snow Chapter 103 – Revenge.

This triggered Aura violently.

Luna Gibson wanted to seek revenge? For what? At who? Was she seeking revenge on her?

How dare she!

She should have k****d Luna Gibson with her own b**e hands!

When the driver kicked her into the sea, it was too good a deal for her! If Aura had taken things into her own hands back then, Luna Gibson would not have been alive, let alone give birth to that b*****d of a child!

Hints of resentment flashed across Aura’s face. She sneered at Luna, “You’re saying as if someone offended my sister.“

Aura gracefully pushed her hair back behind her ear. “She was the one that left without a word. She even said that she betrayed Joshua. No one did anything to her, who is she seeking revenge on?“

Then, Aura looked at Luna coldly. Her eyes were filled with hostility and danger. “You have never even seen her before, what right do you have to talk about her? How rude.“

Unable to take Luna being insulted by Aura, Nellie, who was next to Natasha, deliberately raised her voice while changing the subject. “Grandma, I want to have some of this! “

Natasha was stunned. She immediately grabbed some food for Nellie. “Aura, stop talking. Nellie is still here.“

Aura harrumphed. “I’m just telling the truth.“ Natasha furrowed her brows. “Stop talking.“

Then, she looked at Luna kindly. “My second daughter’s character is just that way. Please don’t mind her.“

Looking at her mother’s haggard, old face, Luna’s throat tightened.

“But,“ Natasha sighed and said while taking food for Nellie, “Aura is right. No one did anything to her, nor offended her. She left without a word and never appeared once for the last six years. It is indeed quite disappointing.“

Luna bit her lips hard. She looked at her wan and sallow mother. In the end, she could not help it. She gritted and said, “You… also think that what she did was not right?“

Natasha looked at Luna, stunned.

Luna took a deep breath. She cleared her throat and said, “I have been working with Mr. Lynch. I have heard rumors of his ex-wife. I always thought that they were just rumors. When I hear what the two of you spoke of her today, I’m just a little curious. What sort of person is Mr. Lynch’s ex-wife like.“

She wanted to know how her mother thought of her.

Since young, her mother was the one that understood and loved her the most.

Luna did not believe that her mother would be like the others, believing that she had an affair, which led her to leave without saying goodbye and getting into an accident.

She truly believed that her mother would not believe the lies that Aura and Joshua came up with.

However, she was wrong.

Natasha sighed and said, “Lulu is a great kid, but… people make mistakes, right?“

Natasha smiled bitterly. “Perhaps that man really treats her well, so well that she decided not to contact her family for six years.“

Then, Natasha fed Nellie a spoonful of soup. “Is that uncle treating your mommy well?“

Nellie was not paying attention to what Natasha and Aura were talking about. Upon hearing Natasha asking her about whether the uncle was treating her mommy well, she naturally thought of Malcolm Quinn.

Thus, Nellie smiled and drank the soup. “Uncle Malcolm treats mommy well. Me too! “

Upon hearing that, Natasha looked relieved. “As long as she is well…“

“You hear that? “ Aura glanced at Luna coldly. “Just do your job as a maid. Don’t meddle in other people’s affairs. How could we not know better than you what sort of person my sister is like?“


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