Punished by His Love By Suzie Chapter 7

Read Punished by His Love By Suzie Chapter 7 – Selene could tell that Sebastian disliked her immensely.

She felt as if ten thousand needles were piercing her heart, making her feel pain, embarrassed, and annoyed.

However, she was afraid of Sebastian.

She was about to say a few more things with her fake cute voice, but the phone call ended abruptly.

Selene’s heart sank.

“What’s wrong, Selene?” Jade quickly asked.

“Mom…Master Sebastian…He didn’t agree to come and discuss our marriage─ he…wouldn’t find out about it, right?”

Selene started to cry in fear. “He wouldn’t find out that I am impersonating Sabrina, right? Mom, what should we do? Sebastian has the blood of countless people on his hands, I’m scared…”

Both Jade and Lincoln were scared out of their wits too.

The whole family spent the entire afternoon in fear until a maid came to report and said, “Sir, Madam, Sabrina is here. She said she is here to collect her and her mother’s pictures.”

“Tell her to get lost!” Selene immediately released her anger on Sabrina.

At this moment, Selene could only focus on being terrified. She had forgotten that she had asked Sabrina yesterday to come and collect the old pictures of her mother.

What Selene initially intended was to publicly display her affection to Sebastian in front of Sabrina, so that Sabrina would be upset!

However, she did not expect that Sebastian would reject her invite so decisively.

The maid was speechless.

“Hold on! I will go speak to her!” Selene got up and headed out.

The whole afternoon of crying made Selene’s eyes swollen, and her hair was incredibly messy. She forgot to take a look in the mirror and rushed out.

“B*tch! You’re a b*tch that does that kind of business. You would taint my house again every time you come here, and we don’t welcome you! Get lost now!” Selene said viciously.

Sabrina sneered. “Selene, you’re the one who asked me to come to collect my mother’s pictures.”

“Go! Go! Go to h**l! Get lost now!” Selene roared unreasonably.

Sabrina was so angry that she laughed.

She surveyed Selene.

Suddenly, Sabrina realized Selene was throwing a temper tantrum for no real reason.

Sabrina put on an innocent expression and asked nonchalantly, “Selene, I could see your eyes are swollen, and your hair is as messy as a chicken’s nest. Could it be that you got pregnant with a random man’s child but got dumped?”

Selene was so furious that she made threatening gestures and wanted to jump on Sabrina. “I’ll beat you to d***h…”

Sabrina did not even bat an eye but just calmly said, “You dare to beat me to d***h in front of your house. Could it be that you also wish to rot in p****n?”

Selene yelled, “You…You! You go to h**l! Go! Right! Now! Go…”

Sabrina sneered, turned around, and left.

She did not have the time to fight with Selene.

She was hungry and needed to eat.

She got hungry easily ever since she was pregnant. She wanted something nutritious but had no money.

She had no choice but to return to where she lived and bought a few mushroom sandwiches from a stall.

As she was enjoying her sandwiches, a man suddenly stood in front of her.

That man was Sebastian’s assistant, Kingston.

She was stunned for a second, but she continued eating her sandwiches. She walked past Kingston without saying a word and headed back to her place.

Things between Sebastian and her were only a contractual deal. Other than having to act in front of Grace, they had no other relations.

Sabrina had never taken the initiative to form connections just for her benefit.

“Miss Scott,” Kingston called behind her. He did not expect that Sabrina would not greet him.

Sabrina turned around. “You called me?”

“Get in the car,” Kinston said briefly.

Sabrina was puzzled.

“Madam would be calling home to inquire today. If she finds out that you and Master Sebastian were not staying together…”

“Understood.” Once they started to act, they needed to stay in character. Sabrina got in the car.

The place they went was not the Ford Residence, but an upscale neighborhood in the city center. Kingston brought Sabrina to the ground floor of the building, and he left after he handed Sabrina over to a lady housekeeper who was in her forties.

“You must be the new Young Mistress, right?” The lady smiled while looking at Sabrina.

Sabrina felt awkward. “…You are?”

The lady introduced herself, “I am Aunt Quinton, the housekeeper who had been serving Madam for more than ten years. Madam specifically called to inform me and asked that I take good care of her daughter-in-law. Quick, follow me.”

This was a high-class duplex suite, which definitely not something any ordinary families could afford, and the luxurious level of the interior did not need further introduction.

Sabrina asked Aunt Quinton, “This place is…”

“This was the Young Master Sebastian’s former residence,” said Aunt Quinton.

Sabrina understood. It was Kingston who picked her up, so perhaps Sebastian would not come here.

This was perfect. She no longer needed to worry about not having any place to stay anymore.

She planned to bring her simple luggage over from the bed rental place tomorrow.

The landline in the living room rang as soon as she sat on the couch. Aunt Quinton picked up the phone, smiled, and said, “It’s Madam. Yes, she’s here, she’s here. Young Mistress just sat on the couch.”

Aunt Quinton passed the landline to Sabrina. “It’s Madam who’s calling.”

Sabrina picked up the phone and said, “Ah…Mom, are you alright?”

Grace asked gently, “Sabbie, tell me, have you gotten used to the place?”

Sabrina answered, “Very well, I have never lived in such a nice house.”

“Where’s the brat? Is he there with you?” Grace asked again.

Sabrina knew very well that if she was here, Sebastian would definitely not come over. However, she still said, “Sebastian would be back soon. I’m waiting for him to have dinner together.”

“Good, good, then I wouldn’t disturb the two of you. I’ll hang up now.”

“Bye, Mom.”

During the evening, Sabrina had a sumptuous dinner and Aunt Quinton even personally drew a bath for her.

“Young Mistress, these are essential oils, bath milk, and rose petals. Using these to soak in the bath would ensure your skin becomes better.”

“I’ve prepared a bathrobe for you and placed it outside the bathroom. You can pick it up when you get out. I will prepare the bed for you now.”

Aunt Quinton was a thoughtful housekeeper.

Sabrina was a little overwhelmed by the pampered treatment she had received.

Sabrina was attracted to the spacious bathroom, the large multifunctional bathtub, fragrant essential oils, and rose petals.

She was living in only rented beds, so she had to use the public showers whenever she needed to clean herself.

She had not had a proper relaxing bath since she came out of p****n.

She would not waste this great opportunity today.

After soaking for some time, Sabrina felt that her whole body was comfortable, and she started to feel sleepy.

In a drowsy state, she climbed out of the bathtub, her body was still wet, and she opened the door to reach for the bathrobe. However, she collided with a tall and well-built body.

“Ah…!” Sabrina screamed at the top of her lungs in shock.