Punished by His Love By Suzie Chapter 12

Read Punished by His Love [by Suzie] Chapter 12 – When she heard the news, Sabrina suddenly felt her heart ached with sorrow.

Sebastian and Sabrina were husband and wife, but they were like strangers.

It so happened that the person Sebastian was about to be engaged with was her enemy.


It’s her enemy!

Sabrina still did not know the cause of her mother’s d***h. She wanted to investigate, but she did not even have the money to travel home, and she was pregnant with a child.

There was nothing she could do now.

She could only endure.

Jade walked hurriedly over to Lincoln and grabbed his hand with great excitement. “Lincoln, was what you said true? Sebastian would have an engagement party with Selene? Shouldn’t both parents from each family have a meet-up first? Sebastian’s grandfather and father have accepted Selene? They didn’t mind that Selene was adopted?

”When she heard the word “adopted” being mentioned, Sabrina’s sorrow in her heart grew.

Selene and Sabrina were both raised in the Lynn family.

Selene was adopted when she was two, and Lincoln and Jade immediately treated her like a precious gem. On the other hand, Sabrina became their foster child from out of town when she was twelve-year-old. For eight years, she had to depend on the charity of Lincoln and Jade and lived a life worse than the dogs or pigs.

Sabrina could not help but lamented. Why did Selene have such a good life?

In gloomy mood, she tried to walk out.

“Stop!” Jade blocked in front of Sabrina. “Half a million!”

“What are you talking about?” Lincoln looked at Jade in shock.

“We raised her for eight years. Fed and clothed her, paid for her college, and gave her short-lived mother medical care. Did you think that money fell from the sky?” Jade stared fiercely at Lincoln.

Lincoln said, “Jade! Don’t you forget…”

“What? Don’t you forget that she is a Scott, not a Lynn!” Jade interjected Lincoln’s words.

Lincoln was suddenly speechless.

Sabrina looked at the couple in front of her as they were playing good cop, bad cop, she felt incomparably disgusted, but she still looked indifferent on the surface. “I’ve given you 50,000 USD. If you dared to dig my mother’s grave, I would knock myself to d***h in front of your door!”

After saying that, she left without turning back.

Lincoln waited until Sabrina had left the door, then he shouted angrily at Jade, “How could you be this cruel?”

“Do you feel sorry for her?” Jade sneered. “Let me tell you this, Lincoln! If one day she found out that the man Selene is marrying was the man she saved by giving up her innocence, don’t you think she would hate you? If Sebastian finds out about this, our whole family will be k****d! Did you think I asked her for half a million dollars because I really wanted the money? I’m forcing her to leave South City.”

“Force her to leave? Where could a lonely and miserable person go?” Lincoln asked.

“She could go where she likes!” Jade let out a cold snort. “As long as it wouldn’t affect our precious Selene’s happiness. Lincoln, Selene was raised by you since young, your heart couldn’t be biased for Sabrina!”

When his daughter, Selene, was mentioned, Sabrina was immediately forgotten by Lincoln.

He faked a smile and looked at Jade. “Honey, quickly prepare the suit and gown we would be wearing at Selene’s engagement party. We couldn’t be sloppy when it comes to dressing for our daughter’s engagement to the Ford family.’’

Jade was slightly puzzled. “How come no one has notified us about Sebastian and Selene’s engagement? Could you be mistaken?”

“Definitely not mistaken. Sebastian liked to keep a low profile, and his personality is too cold. He would not personally speak of it, especially regarding a proposal or an engagement to Selene. He already made an exception to personally come to our door and discuss their marriage a few days ago. Did you expect him to hire a whole parade to pick Selene up? No way,” said Lincoln.

Jade said, “Then, they should at least let us know the address to the venue for the engagement party, right?”

“I know! I have the address. When the time comes, we would go ourselves. We should not annoy Sebastian. Wait until Selene is married into the Ford family and is pregnant with Sebastian’s child, then everything would be fine when that time comes.”

Jade nodded deeply. “You’re right.”

The couple from the Lynn family was excited to discuss the engagement party attire matters. On the other hand, Sabrina, who had just walked out of the Lynn family house, wandered the streets.

She urgently needed a job and income now.

Still, where could she find a job?

Her phone rang, she thought it was Grace’s hospital who called. She looked at her phone and saw an unknown number, so she picked the call. “Hello? May I know who I am speaking to?”

“May I know if this is Sabrina Scott?” The person on the other end of the phone asked politely.

“Yes, I am Sabrina Scott.”

“We have received your hand-drafted resumé, may I know if you would be available to come for an interview the day after tomorrow?” The person asked.

The day after tomorrow? It was the day for Sebastian’s engagement party.

Sabrina was so excited that she almost cried. “Yes, I’m available, I’m available. Thank you, thank you for the interview opportunity, that’s great!”

After she hung up, Sabrina took a bus to the stationery store, bought some pencils, an eraser, draft paper, a scale ruler, and more. She wanted to practice at home. She did not have a computer, so everything had to be done by hand.

The next day, Sabrina went to the hospital early to see Grace and then returned to her place to start working on her drawings. She drew up various designs till late into the night. She knew that she would not have many opportunities, so she must grab it when an opportunity came by.

She had no room for retreat.

When Sebastian came back at night, he saw that the light in her bedroom was still on. After another hour or two, he went out of his bedroom and noticed the light was still on. He raised his hand and wanted to knock on the door to ask what she was doing.

After giving it some thought, he put his hand down again and went back to bed.

The next day, Sebastian woke up very early.

He had agreed with his mother that he would have a small wedding with Sabrina, reception could be skipped, and they would only do the ceremony. He wanted to pick his mother up with Sabrina, so they could head to the hotel, and preparations could be made.

However, he waited in the living room for around an hour but did not see Sabrina coming out of her room. Sebastian could not help but frown.

‘Has she always been waking up so late before going to the hospital to take care of his mother?’

‘This woman is truly lazy.’

After he waited for another hour, Sabrina still did not come out of the bedroom. Sebastian’s eyes exuded freezing chill. He got up and went to Sabrina’s bedroom, raised his foot, and ruthlessly kicked the door open.

He was stunned when he looked into the bedroom.