Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 540

Read Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 540 – “Ms. Windt! Ms. Windt!”

Raina’s calls interrupted her train of thoughts.

Charlotte then tried to change the subject. “I’ll be leaving Mrs. Berry and Mrs. Peyton in your able hands.”

“Don’t worry, I will take care of them.” Raina nodded. “How’s your stomach now? Are you feeling better?”

“Very much so,” Charlotte replied with a slight smile. “I think I should be heading up now. Thank you again.”

“You’re welcome. Feel free to approach me anytime.” Raina picked up her bag and left.

Charlotte got her head in order before she returned upstairs.

The door to the study was slightly ajar. She was able to see Zachary instructing Robbie on some technological concepts from her position just outside.

The boy’s brows were knitted in intense focus, much like Zachary’s.

Jamie and Ellie were by their side. They must not have understood what was being shared as the girl wandered off to fiddle with her Barbie doll in a pink tent at the side, while the younger boy, too, started to play with Fifi on the couch.

“You’re an absolute genius!” Zachary was pleasantly surprised to discover Robbie’s talents. “I was six when I started getting involved with technology. You’re already ahead of me at just three years old!”


Robbie was delighted. He used to enjoy chatting to his mother about these while she was still able to engage him adequately then. It, however, did not take long before his knowledge base surpassed hers.

As others in the family were even less informed, Robbie was without tutelage and made little progress researching on his own.

He was in his element and able to advance in leaps and bounds the moment Henry gifted him a computer and enrolled him in online lessons.

However, the efficacy of remote sessions could not compare with that of live instruction. It seemed that Robbie was able to pick things up more easily and quickly, as it showed during Zachary’s first attempt.

Both father and son were tremendously pleased and felt a great sense of accomplishment.

“Uncle Zack…” Robbie blurted.

“What?” Zachary reminded him with an eyebrow raised.

“I mean Daddy.” The boy immediately rectified himself with a blush on his little cheeks. Perhaps consistently hailing the man as such would still take some of getting used to. “With regards to the development of your company’s new product, I have a few suggestions. Could you take me to observe the design process?”

“Of course I could.” Zachary nodded. “I’ll bring you down to the office tomorrow.”

“Ah? To the office?” Robbie felt slightly overwhelmed. “Would that be okay? I was just thinking…”

“Why wouldn’t it be?” Zachary patted the boy’s head with pride. “You’re my son. One day, you’ll be taking over my place at the helm of the company. The sooner you are able to get up to speed, the sooner you could join me in running things together!”

“Yeah.” Robbie nodded. His beautiful eyes beamed with radiance.

Charlotte’s lips lifted into a smile. She felt that this was the version of Robbie which he really wanted for himself.

Her coming back to the Nachts had proven to be the right decision for the children.

“Beep! Beep!”

Jamie flipped himself up from the couch the second the alarm sounded. “Time’s up for Robbie, Daddy. It’s my turn.”

“Alright.” Zachary closed the laptop before turning to the older boy. “You can go rest up now.”

“I still want to read on.” Robbie took the device and continued what he was going before at the side.

“You’re very diligent.” Zachary curled his lips. “Don’t you want to learn martial arts together with your brother?”

“Nah, I’m not interested in that.” Robbie’s eyes were fixated on the screen. “Man can create invincible weapons with his intelligence. No martial arts would be able to stand against that.”

“I beg to differ, as there are things that machines cannot overcome,” Jamie retorted. “What’s more, the practice of martial arts can strengthen the body. Surely that’s something that machines cannot replicate?”

“A reasonable point.” Zachary thought aloud with interest.

“Which one of us were you referring to, Daddy?” Jamie eagerly wanted to validate himself.


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