Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 527

Read Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 527 – Just as she was thinking, she heard a familiar voice from outside. “Where am I? Why did you bring me here?”

“Don’t be scared, Mrs. Berry. This will be your home from today onwards,” Raina said with a smile.

“My home? This villa is as big as a small castle. How could this be my home?” Mrs. Berry sounded more panicked now. “Dr. Langhan, have you made a mistake? Please send me back to the hospital at once.”

Hearing this, Charlotte put down her phone and ran out to greet Mrs. Berry immediately.

As she expected, Mrs. Berry was standing in the first-floor lobby, looking suspiciously around and looking like a lost sheep.

Raina stood beside her, trying her best to assure the older woman. “Don’t worry, Mrs. Berry. Ms. Windt is here too—I’ll bring you to see her.”

“Miss?” Mrs. Berry asked, aghast.

“Mrs. Berry!” Charlotte flew down the stairs to greet her.

“Miss!” When she spotted Charlotte, Mrs. Berry ran over to her immediately. “There you are at last! Do you know how worried I’ve been for the past few days? Where have you been? The kids and I haven’t managed to reach you by phone at all. I thought you got into an accident.”

Here, Mrs. Berry choked up with tears. She had been having such a hard time in the hospital because she kept worrying for Charlotte and the kids. If Raina hadn’t been around to stop her, Mrs. Berry would have left the hospital to search for them.

“I’m sorry, Mrs. Berry…” Charlotte looked very guilty. “Something happened to me a few days ago, and I lost contact with the outside world. I just returned here yesterday.”

“What happened to you? Were you injured?” Mrs. Berry pulled Charlotte closer to her and inspected her up and down.

“Just a few minor injuries. It’s nothing serious.” Charlotte was deathly afraid that Mrs. Berry might notice the injury on her back. Pulling her to the sofa hastily, Charlotte said, “Don’t worry about me now. Everything has been resolved.”

“That’s good, then.” Mrs. Berry let out a sigh of belief. She shot a dark look at her surroundings and whispered to Charlotte, “Miss, let’s go home. The kids are going to get off from school very soon. If no one picks them up at Happy Avenue, they’re going to be frightened.”

“Don’t worry, someone will be there to pick them up,” Charlotte said. She turned to Raina and asked, “Dr. Langhan, what’s going on? Isn’t Mrs. Berry supposed to be in the hospital? Why did you bring her here instead?”

“These are Mr. Nacht’s orders,” Raina said with a smile. “He was worried that you might be bored alone at home, so he got me to bring Mrs. Berry along.”

“Ugh, what does he think he’s doing?” Charlotte wrinkled her nose with distaste. “Mrs. Berry needs to undergo treatment for her condition. How could he take her out of the hospital earlier just to keep me company?”

“Don’t worry, Mr. Nacht has already made arrangements.” Raina pointed outside and said with a smile, “There’s a small hut in the courtyard that has been empty for years. Mr. Nacht ordered me to renovate it and turn it into a clinic.”

“I’ve already transported all the medical equipment here earlier today. In the future, you, Mrs. Berry, and the young masters can receive medical treatment in the comfort of your home instead of running back and forth from the hospital.”

“Oh my goodness!” Charlotte felt rather stunned. No wonder the workers had been delivering medical supplies into the house earlier on—Raina was going to set up a clinic right here.

Zachary had done so many things for her without even telling her…

“Oh, I’m so confused.” Mrs. Berry’s head was spinning slightly. She gazed at Charlotte, perplexed. “Miss, you and that guy from the Nacht family…what’s the relationship between the both of you?”

“It’ll take me a while to explain that to you,” Charlotte said, patting Mrs. Berry’s hand. “Come upstairs to my room. I’ll tell you everything there slowly.”

“Okay!” Mrs. Berry nodded.

At that moment, Mrs. Rawlston walked into the room. “Ms. Windt, I’ve heated up the chicken broth for you. Should I send it upstairs for Mrs. Berry and yourself?”

“Yes, thank you,” Charlotte nodded appreciatively at her. “Dr. Langhan, thanks for your help. Please don’t let us trouble you any further.”

“Alright.” Raina smiled at her before leaving the room.

Charlotte pulled Mrs. Berry into her room. When Mrs. Berry saw how the room was decorated, she frowned immediately. “This room belongs to a man, doesn’t it? Is he that Nacht guy? Miss, have you gotten together with him?”


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