Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 522

Read Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 522 – “I’m done! I solved it!”

A loud whoop pierced the air. A smile had lit up on Robbie’s handsome face, and his eyes were shining like two diamonds in the night sky.

“Let me see!”

Zachary took the laptop from him immediately and scanned the screen with excitement. Indeed, Robbie had actually resolved the blind spots in the research and development of smart products newly produced by Divine Corporation.

Zachary swept Robbie up in his arms and asked, “How did you manage to resolve them?”

“There’s a system error here. Once you rectify it, however…” Robbie pointed at the screen and carefully explained his action plan to Zachary. When he was done, he asked rather hesitatingly, “Uncle Zack, is this okay?”

“Of course! Definitely!”

Zachary nodded frantically. He had already resolved this issue last night, but he had decided to let Robbie have a go at it so he could test his intelligence.

To his pleasant surprise, his son turned out to be a genius!

“Does this mean you’ll fulfil one of my wishes now?” Robbie asked excitedly.

“Of course! What would you like?”

It was rare to see Zachary so happy. He seemed even happier than Robbie himself.

Although Robbie didn’t resemble him in looks, his talent and skills with technology were certainly on par with his own…

“I don’t know what I want right now, but I’ll tell you once I think about it!” Robbie crossed his arms proudly, trying to make himself look older. “It took me a great deal of effort to get this wish, so I’m going to make it count.”

“Yes, yes…” Jamie jumped in. “It’s like having a genie’s lamp. You only take it out at a critical moment.”

“Exactly,” Robbie said, smiling as he nodded.

“Haha, no problem!” Zachary slung his arms around both his sons, grinning cheerfully.

“Ha, look how you’re smiling now!” Ellie said, pouting sulkily. “We’ll see how you cry later during our music lesson!”

Fifi let out another big burp. Flipping onto her back, she fell asleep immediately.

The car arrived at the kindergarten very soon.

The school was starting in a few minutes’ time. School buses were pulling in through the gates slowly.

The Nacht family’s Rolls-Royce pulled up after the row of school buses and stopped by the side of the school building, drawing a crowd of curious onlookers.

The security guards shepherded the children away, preventing them from getting closer in case an accident happened.

A bunch of children got down from the school bus, holding onto the clothes of the student before them. Like a string of grapes, they followed their teacher to the classroom.

However, their eyes remained fixed on the Rolls-Royce, wondering who the car belonged to.

A few bodyguards got out of the car. One held the door open as the others carried the children out of the vehicle.

A team of medical staff had already arrived in another car, and was waiting in a straight line as the Rolls-Royce pulled up. The moment they saw the three children, they hurried forward to fuss over them.

“It’s Robinson, Jamison, and Elisa!”

There was a loud exclamation from one of the children in the Sunflower Class, and all the children turned their heads to look.

Immediately, they started calling out to the children excitedly.

Ellie greeted her friends cheerfully. “Phoebe! Helen!”

“Uncle Zack, Uncle Zack…” When Jamie spotted his classmates, he tugged at Zachary’s hand urgently and exclaimed, “Look over there! The girl with the two pigtails was my first girlfriend!”

“Oh…” Zachary looked up to see a dumpy little girl in a yellow dress and two pigtails. She looked over and waved cheerfully at Jamie as she followed her classmates into the classroom. “Jamie, come and stand next to me!” she called. “I’ve saved a space for you!”

So, this be love?

“Well, Girlfriend Number Two is that mixed-blood girl over there.” Jamie pointed to a girl whose features seemed a little oriental. Grinning madly, he continued, “She’s half-Chinese and half-French! Her name is Julia.”

Zachary turned and looked again. This time, he saw a little girl with natural curly hair who was wearing a white dress. She looked at Jamie shyly before turning away and joining the queue again.

“That girl’s a pretty one. Why did you change your mind?” Zachary asked in confusion.

“These days, I like mature women more,” Jamie pointed at his music teacher with delight. “My current girlfriend’s over there!”


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