Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 516

Read Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 516 – The kids used to call him old man, and that infuriated him. They had since changed and started calling him Uncle Zack, but that made him a little uncomfortable as well. He wanted them to call him dad, but he didn’t know how to make that request.

Maybe I should build a better rapport with them first…

“Come dig in,” said Charlotte. She placed a cup of freshly made coffee in front of Zachary.

“Thank you,” said Zachary before he sipped some coffee. He shifted his gaze to the kids and tested the water by asking, “How about I drive you guys to the kindergarten today?”

“Really?” asked Ellie, who was pleasantly surprised. A cheerful smile lit up on her beautiful face as she added, “That’d be awesome!”

“I think so too,” agreed Jamie excitedly, while having his tiny arm up to cast his vote, “Mommy is usually busy and can’t drop us off at the kindergarten. I’m always so jealous when I see how the other kids have their parents at the kindergarten with them.”

Hearing those words got Charlotte to feel guilty. He’s right. I rarely drop the kids off at school, and I thought that they are okay with it. I never realized that they are envious of the other kids…

“Uncle Zack, won’t that make you late for work?” asked Robbie, who was more considerate.

“Not at all,” replied Zachary before he turned to Ben and ordered, “Go set everything up.”

“Huh?” blurted Ben. He was stunned because he didn’t know what was there to set up. He’s just dropping the kids off at the kindergarten, right? All he has to do is to tell the driver where to go. There’s nothing to set up.

“How many kids are there in your kindergarten?” asked Zachary as he sipped his coffee.

“Huh? That is such a tough question.”

Ellie had a cute ponytail on her head, and her tiny lips pouted as she thought about it. Unfortunately, she still couldn’t figure the answer out.

“All I know is that there are nineteen students in our class,” answered Jamie after he swallowed one of the hot cross bunnies. His tiny lips were oily, and his cheeks were bulging a little when he added, “There used to be twenty students, but Timothy went to another school, so now there’s only nineteen.”

“Oh,” murmured Zachary while nodding.

“I know the answer to that,” replied Robbie. He sipped some juice before counting with his fingers and answering, “The kindergarten divides its students into four age groups, and each age group makes seven classes. With each classroom comprising twenty students, there are five hundred and sixty students in total.”

Robbie paused for a moment before adding, “Also, there are five teachers in each class, and that makes it a total of one hundred and forty teachers.”

“You are brilliant!”

Zachary was astonished. In addition to having high EQ, the kid’s logical thinking and mathematics are on point as well. He’s not even four, but he can analyze situations and make deductions quickly. He’s such an adorable genius! As expected of my son!

“Thank you,” replied Robbie. He was already used to receiving compliments like that, so he asked calmly, “Why do you want to know, Uncle Zack?”

“Because the i***t standing behind me doesn’t know what to do,” replied Zachary, before shooting a frosty glare at Ben.

“I got it,” said Ben, who quickly nodded. He finally understood what Zachary meant by setting everything up. “I’ll go work on it right away.”

Ben later bowed politely to everyone before rushing out of there.

“What’s going on?” asked Charlotte in a confused tone.

“You don’t need to worry about anything,” promised Zachary as he got some hot cross bunnies for her, “All you have to do is rest up at home. I’ll take everyone out for a stroll after you’ve recovered.”

“Okay,” murmured Charlotte. She nodded with a smile. She never knew that Zachary had a softer side, and seeing how he interacted with the kids and planned to send the kids to school…

I don’t need to worry about anything at all.

“What else do you like aside from logical thinking and mathematics?” asked Zachary while looking at Robbie.

“Anything to do with technology,” replied Robbie as he stirred the vegetable broth in his bowl, “I like gadgets, so Mr. Henry got me a computer. He also hired someone to teach me foreign language as well as some basic technical know-how.”

“Basic?” repeated Zachary with his brows raised.

“Yeah. At first, I thought that everything he taught was interesting, but I later found the content to be too simple. I kept dozing off during his class…” shared Robbie before yawning. He looked like he was bored and frustrated.


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