Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 515

Read Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 515 – “Mommy made hot cross bunnies and omelets. They’re really delicious,” said Ellie in her baby voice while waving her tiny hand at Zachary, “Come quick!”

“Don’t rush him. I haven’t finished making the waffles,” said Charlotte as she placed a fruit salad on the dining table. She smiled at Zachary and instructed, “Go change your clothes.”

“Okay,” replied Zachary with a smile and a nod. I’ve never started the day on such a beautiful note before…

“This is so great,” exclaimed Ben upon seeing all that. He couldn’t help it. A simple morning like that may seem nothing to the ordinary folks, but for the great Mr. Nacht, that was a luxury he had been craving ever since he was a kid.

He finally has it now. No wonder his eyes have been exuding the kind of warmth that had never shown itself before…

Charlotte had already served the waffles by the time Zachary changed his clothes and walked down the stairs. There were seven dishes and three drinks for breakfast, so it was a plentiful breakfast.

Robbie helped set the table. Like a pro, he instructed, “We’ll sit here, Mommy and Uncle Zack will sit there, and Fifi will sit at the end.”

“Thank you, Robbie.”

The nurse helped Ellie into her seat, but Ellie put the napkin on herself.

Jamie’s eyes were practically glowing, and he was salivating at the food. He clapped his tiny hands excitedly before exclaiming, “Everything looks so delicious for breakfast. Gah, I can’t wait any longer!”

Fifi was sitting at the end. It stared at the pet food on its plate, then at the gorgeous breakfast that everyone else was having. That got it to kick its plate in dissatisfaction and waved its wings while complaining, “Want breakfast, want breakfast!”

“Quiet!” ordered Ellie, while frowning her tiny brows. Her baby features made her look cute even when she was glaring and scolding, “You can’t eat these, okay? You have to eat pet food.”

“No, no!” complained Fifi. It spread its wings and tried to fly over.

“No!” said Ellie. Her tiny hands quickly shielded the food before she called out loudly, “Robbie, Jamie, come help. Fifi is trying to steal breakfast.”

“Fifi, return to your seat at once,” demanded Jamie, while frowning. He then threatened with a tiny fork, “If you don’t, I will lock you up in a cage!”

“Don’t! Don’t!” cried Fifi in a heartbroken tone. It stopped some distance away from them before it reluctantly moved away from all that delicious food.

“Come now, I will give you some extra walnut later,” cooed Robbie calmly, “Go back to your seat.”

“Here’s your walnut, Fifi. Come have your breakfast,” said Charlotte, who added some crushed walnut to Fifi’s plate.

Fifi finally returned to its seat reluctantly. As it walked, it proudly kept its head high as if it was saying, “Hmph, I’ve got walnuts, and I’m not sharing!”

“This parrot has a terrible temper,” commented Zachary.

He saw everything from the stairs and thought that it was interesting. The place had turned noisy because of that incident, but it also turned the place lively and warm.

“Uncle Zack, its name is Fifi!”

Robbie had set the cutlery in place. He tiptoed and climbed onto his chair before he spread his napkin like a gentleman.

“Why was it given that name?” asked Zachary warmly.

“So that our names match,” replied Jamie, as he tilted his head to the side. He later put on a straight face and added, “There’s Robbie, Jamie, and Ellie, so it’s only natural that we call it Fifi. To differentiate it from the rest of us, its name didn’t end with an ‘E’, though.”

“Oh, I see,” replied Zachary while nodding.

“I also have some barbie dolls, but I gave them repetitive names, like Deedee, Lulu, Kiki…” shared Ellie while counting with her fingers. Her tiny lips informed, “They are all precious and are so cute. I’ll introduce them to you someday.”

“Sure,” replied Zachary with a smile. Even though he was looking at his children, he still had a hard time believing that he was actually a father. It’s like a dream…


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