Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 514

Read Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 514 – “Why are you lost?”

Zachary was a little upset when he pinched Charlotte’s face. He thought that she should’ve been touched by the gesture and tear up. He was definitely expecting a warm hug and a passionate k**s.

But she’s just stunned there.

“It’s nothing,” replied Charlotte. She finally came around and grinned bitterly before saying, “I just felt like this happiness came too suddenly…”

“You’re not happy with it?” asked Zachary as he stared at her in confusion.

“No, that’s not it at all,” answered Charlotte. She reached out to hug him and rested her face against his chest. She enjoyed the rhythm of his powerful heartbeat before she sighed and claimed, “I’ve been through too much over the past couple of years, and I feel like happiness will always be beyond my reach. I am finally happy, and it feels surreal. It’s like I’m dreaming.”

“Silly girl. This is not a dream,” reassured Zachary. He hugged her tightly in his arms.

“I hope not…”

Charlotte buried her face by his neck and greedily inhaled his natural scent. She had been holding especially tight onto him lately because it felt like he would vanish if she let her guard down…

Zachary carried her and placed her onto the bed. He wanted to have her then and there, but he worried that her body couldn’t handle the fatigue.

Hence, he quietly held her and stroked her shoulder softly to coax her to bed.

“I’ll nap now and wake up earlier tomorrow morning to make everyone some breakfast,” murmured Charlotte wearily. She was like a cuddly kitten at that moment and was curled up obediently in Zachary’s arms. Her beautiful face was pressed against his heart, and she listened to his heartbeat as she slept. That made her feel especially warm and safe.

Zachary rested his head on his arm and stared at Charlotte, who was lying sideways by his side.

Back then, he found it annoying that she was noisy and troublesome. Turned out, her being quiet just got him to worry…

It’s like she’s completely changed after she got back. She’s starting to act lost and looks like she’s in a daze…

Am I overthinking this? Or is there something off with her body and health?

Zachary was nervous. However, when he saw her sleeping that soundly, he comforted himself. Maybe she’s just exhausted. She’ll be fine after resting for a few days…

Zachary kissed her, then fell asleep with her in his arms.

That night, the rain suddenly poured, and the loud thunder woke Charlotte up. It made her tremble in fear.

Zachary was obviously still asleep, but he instinctively held her closer and stroked her arm gently. His other hand covered her ears and pulled her face to his chest.

Charlotte listened to his heartbeat and slowly calmed herself down. She adjusted her position in his arms before she continued sleeping.

He was like her rock, and she felt like he was her protector that could shield her from everything.

I don’t need to be scared with him around…

The children’s gleeful laughter echoed in the morning. Zachary woke up groggily, and he instinctively reached out to his side. However, Charlotte was nowhere to be found.

He jumped out of his bed immediately to look for her, but she wasn’t in the washroom nor in the mini-study room.

Zachary panicked. He opened the door to search for her. At the very next second, he saw Charlotte in a casual outfit. She had an apron on and was putting breakfast on the dining table.

The kids were chatting away and discussing whether their mommy’s cooking had improved. Jamie was sitting in a wheelchair, so it was difficult for him to move about. He sat by the dining table and looked like he was tempted to taste-test everything.

However, Robbie halted him and ordered sternly, “No, we can’t eat until Mommy and Uncle Zack are here!”

“We may be kids, but we have to be courteous,” agreed Ellie in her baby voice. She even tilted her tiny head to Fifi and asked, “Am I right, Fifi?”


Fifi had always favored Ellie, so the former would agree to whatever the latter said.

“Okay,” muttered Jamie. He retracted his hand obediently, but his eyes remained stuck on the hot cross bunnies. His saliva was borderline leaking when he commented, “I wonder when Uncle Zack will be up. I’m so hungry.”

“I’ll go get Uncle Zack…”

Robbie was about to walk up the stairs when he saw Zachary staring at them in the corridor. The former instantly called out, “Uncle Zack, come and have breakfast.”


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