Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 511

Read Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 511 – Hearing those words got Zachary thinking. He knew that Spencer only said all those things for his sake.

When Zachary was a kid, he learned that he needed to see the big picture and make decisions for the greater good.

That was how he had been ever since, and that was how he got Divine Corporation to grow that much within a few years.

However, his heart overpowered his head at that time.

He was eager to give Charlotte and the kids a home and to throw a huge wedding. In fact, he craved it so badly that he didn’t really want to wait until Henry woke up.

Reality, however, was warning him.

Grandpa is gravely ill. Yet, he is still thinking about all these things. He even used the little strength he has to remind me repeatedly that I can’t let Lindberg Corporation win.

Zachary could let go of anything else but… Lindberg Corporation? That was something he refused to compromise on.

The Nacht family and the Lindberg family were nemeses. H**l, the Lindberg family was the reason Zachary’s parents died at such a young age.

The grudge from the previous generation had since been resolved in their generation, and they had little to no interaction with each other since.

However, the Lindberg family had come after the Nacht family once more, so naturally, Zachary had to go all out in that war.

That was also why he had to put the beautiful image in his mind aside and postpone everything.

“Mr. Zachary, you are the Nacht family’s only hope. Please don’t let your grandpa down,” said Spencer before he tilted his head down and went back into the room.

Zachary turned around to leave. It was only a few minutes’ drive, but thousands of thoughts had already run through his mind.

The Nacht family is facing internal turmoil as well as external threats. Our enemies are everywhere, and I have to put romance aside for a while. The most important thing right now is work.

Charlotte will understand that, right?

“Mr. Nacht, everything is ready,” reported Ben.

“Okay,” murmured Zachary before he entered the ward. Charlotte had already changed her clothes by then. She still looked weak, but she was happy because she knew that she would be seeing her kids soon.

“Let’s go home,” said Zachary as he offered her his hand.

Charlotte put her hand in his, and they grinned while looking into each other’s eyes.

Zachary took his coat off and draped it over her before they walked out of the ward together.

Ben and Raina followed behind with the other security guards and medical staff.

The aura he was radiating got every patient in the hospital and their families to turn around to stare. The patients moved aside nervously to make way.

The rain was pouring, so the security guard was holding a huge umbrella the entire way to the car. He was shielding Charlotte and Zachary from the rain and wind.

Zachary carried Charlotte into the car then helped her dry the rain off of her hair.

Charlotte relaxed in his arms. She fell asleep soon after.

“She’s sleeping again?” murmured Zachary as he touched her forehead. She doesn’t have a fever. Zachary whispered to Raina, “What’s going on? She’s been sleeping a lot over the past two days.”

“She’s probably just exhausted. It’s likely that she was too scared to rest well these past few days,” replied Raina softly, “Plus, she’s medicated, so she’s sleeping more lately. She should revert to her old self in a few days.”

Zachary held Charlotte tightly in his arms. He stroked her shoulders softly to help her have a better sleep.

Charlotte curled up in his arms like she was a kid. She fell asleep soon after.

Zachary was a little nervous because he sensed that something was off about her. He later thought about how the doctors had run all sorts of tests on her, but still couldn’t find anything off. Maybe she really is just tired and will be fine in a few days…

The car drove slowly and steadily so that Charlotte could sleep well.

They ended up spending over forty minutes traveling down a thirty-minute route. The kids were waiting by the entrance at the time. When they saw the car pulling up, they got so excited that they ran ahead. The nurses quickly stopped them.

“Kids, be careful. Don’t run over until the car is parked.”

“Violet, can you see them? Is Mommy in the car with them?”

Ellie was hopping and tiptoeing to try to see better. She wanted to check if her mommy was in the car.

“I can’t tell,” answered Violet after looking ahead. The windows were tinted, so they couldn’t see what was going on inside.


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