Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 510

Read Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 510 – “Never… Never let the Lindberg family… get the upper hand.” Henry struggled while saying to him between breaths.

Zachary instantly understood that Henry knew about Lindberg Corporation’s plan to penetrate the domestic market. He was also thinking that if the engagement were to be called off, Synder Group would probably collaborate with Lindberg Corporation instead.

Seeing that Lindberg Corporation had already joined forces with the Browns, if Synder Group were to join them as well, it would only make them even more powerful.

And if the two families were to battle it out, it would be detrimental to the Nacht family.

Seeing the struggling look on Henry’s face, Zachary was utterly perplexed.

He was surrounded by guilt and anger at the same time.

He felt guilty because even though Henry was already old and laying in a hospital bed weakly while fighting for his life, he still had to worry about the family’s well-being. As for the anger he was feeling, it was because Taylor had approached Henry and told him such news at a time like this. Was he trying to threaten him or was it a warning from him? What kindness and gentleness? He seems like a despicably vicious person!

“Mr. Nacht, please calm down, Mr. Nacht…” Spencer comforted him instantly, “Leave the family’s matters to Mr. Zachary instead, you can’t overburden yourself anymore. I’ll ask the doctor to come over immediately.”

Then Spencer left to look for the doctor.

Zachary squeezed Henry’s hand and said, “Grandpa, don’t worry. We will sort things out after you have recovered.”

After a while, Zachary got up and was about to leave while Henry stared at him with widened eyes. With his arm stretched out, he looked as if he wanted to utter something but he was too weak for that.

Soon after, the doctor arrived with Spencer.

While Zachary stood at the door furiously, the doctor entered the room and took care of Henry.

Henry’s condition stabilized in no time and the doctor remained in the room to look after him.

Spencer came out of the room and explained the situation to Zachary, then he added, “Mr. Zachary, you mustn’t misunderstand. I was next to Mr. Blackwood the entire time during his visit and he did not say anything.”

“Then how would Grandpa know?” Zachary’s brows furrowed.

“That night before he collapsed, he already knew about Lindberg Corporation entering the domestic market. He also received news about the Browns joining forces with Lindberg Corporation.”

Spencer tried to recall that night’s situation carefully, then he continued in a serious tone, “Do you really think that Mr. Nacht is ignorant? How could he not know what’s on your mind? He even has a copy of the information you were investigating.”

Zachary was very shocked. “Are you saying that… he’s aware of what Sharon had done?”

Spencer nodded and replied, “Yes. It’s true that he didn’t know at first, but then he saw that you insisted on dragging the engagement and even sent someone to investigate Ms. Blackwood. Therefore, Mr. Nacht forced me to get a copy of the information and found out everything Ms. Blackwood had done. However, at that time, he couldn’t confront her. You’re probably unaware that she has already received a fifty-five percent stake of the shares. As of now, the entire Synder Group is under her control, even Mr. Blackwood has no say in anything. If you were to call off the engagement, with her temperament, I’m sure she will definitely collaborate with Lindberg Corporation, which would be detrimental to the entire Nacht family!”

Upon hearing that, Zachary kept silent. He was aware of the importance of the matter. However, he wasn’t expecting Henry to already have plans.

“Mr. Nacht has been asking to see you for the past few days, in hope to speak to you about this matter. Since he had regained some of his strength today, he seized the opportunity instantly to remind you.” Spencer continued, “The Nacht family had always been divided into two. Even though Ms. Zara did not receive many assets, it had certainly weakened the Nacht family’s power as a whole. It’s dangerous enough if you were to go against the Lindberg Corporation alone at this time, but if we lose Synder Group’s support as well… I can’t imagine what would happen next. Unless…”

After a momentary pause, Spencer uttered cautiously, “Unless you and Ms. Zara agree to collaborate and fight together!”

“How’s that possible?” Zachary objected indignantly.

Spencer knew his character and he responded, “That’s true… Since you can’t reach a consensus with Ms. Zara, it’s better not to get into any disagreements with Synder Group in the meantime. Let’s wait for Mr. Nacht to wake up before making any decisions.”


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