Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 508

Read Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 508 – After he left the company in the afternoon, Zachary headed straight to Kindness Hospital.

Charlotte was already feeling much better today. After a whole day of slumber, her body felt weak and her face was utterly pale.

She did not have an episode that day, hence her mood was quite calm.

Upon arriving at her ward, Zachary saw Charlotte standing next to the window while she quietly gazed at the rain outside the window.

He walked towards her sneakily and hugged her from behind.

Being startled, her reaction was huge as she swung her hand, her fist landed on his head.

Thud. A muffled sound traveled across the room.

“Uh…” The moment Charlotte saw it was Zachary, she instantly held his face in her hands and apologized, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I didn’t know it was you. Was it painful?”

“It’s a good thing you’re not holding a knife, otherwise you’ll be stained by blood.”

Zachary pinched her cheeks while ignoring the pain.

“I’m sorry.” Charlotte felt extremely guilty as she gently rubbed his red and swollen forehead. All of a sudden, she noticed there was a deep bite mark around his neck. The wound was seemingly tender and everywhere around it was bruised.

“Oh G*d, what happened here? How did you get bitten like that? Who bit you?” Charlotte asked frantically.

Zachary remained silent as he smirked at her.

“Was it me? Are you serious?” Charlotte’s eyes widened in h****r.

“I thought you had turned into a vampire yesterday. You s****d quite a bit of blood out of me!” Zachary brushed her lips with his finger.

“I’m sorry…” Charlotte was so guilt-ridden that her eyes reddened instantly.

Biting and bruising his neck like that, and even giving him a swollen bump on his forehead today, she didn’t realize how scary she was being in that mad state.

If this had been before, he would have strangled her.

Why is he so kind and gentle now?

“So, how should you be punished? Hm?” Zachary said with a straight face and pretended to sound stern.

“I…” Charlotte panicked a little and looked at him with puppy eyes. “It was my fault!”

Right after, she closed her eyes and stretched her neck while uttering, “Go ahead and bite me!”

She remembered that he was vindictive and he would never let things slide easily.

“Alright…” Zachary moved over slowly and nibbled her neck with his teeth. A soft tingle had her feeling like a feather was caressing gently against her neck, then accompanied by a burst of electricity spreading throughout her body.

Charlotte waited for some time but Zachary hadn’t bitten her for real. He teasingly kissed her from the neck to her cheeks, ears, shoulders and collar bone instead.

Charlotte tilted her head and panted breathlessly while she allowed herself to be consumed by his fiery k**s.

She trembled slightly as she puckered her red lips and kissed him back.

The temperature in the room instantly rose as the atmosphere became hot and fiery. It was as if the passion had erupted into a burning blaze.

Outside the ward, Ben turned to Marino who was stationed to guard at the door and uttered, “Do you know what to do?”

“Yes, I won’t let anyone disturb Mr. Nacht.”

Marino had become accustomed to such a scene and he wouldn’t blush like he used to.

The temperature in the room increased as the warmth emanated from both their bodies. While being in a space where only the two of them existed, they hugged each other tightly as their souls entwined.

In a moment of ecstasy, Zachary nibbled Charlotte’s ear and ordered, “Hug me tightly!”

Charlotte clung to his waist while she gazed at him dreamily. She could feel his hot, burning emotions exuding around her as she stared into his intense yet loving eyes.

Suddenly, a tear rolled down her face as she felt very happy and contented. However, she tried to cover it with a passionate k**s.

Zachary kissed her and whispered in her ear, “Silly girl… We will be very happy together.”

He knew that she was insecure, apprehensive about a lot of things and a constant worrier. Therefore, he only wanted to give her the best of everything.

Love, marriage and a home…

As long as it was something she hoped for, he would give it to her.


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