Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 498

Read Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 498 – Zachary dashed into the ward where Charlotte was.

Four medical staff was pinning her down while Raina tried to comfort her. “Ms. Windt, don’t be scared. I’m Raina. You’re safe now. Please calm down…”

However, Charlotte wasn’t listening to her at all. She kept struggling while screaming her head off. She looked like she had experienced something horrible.

Zachary took a huge stride towards Charlotte. “Get lost!” he shouted.

The medical staff backed away immediately.

Charlotte had lost control of herself. She grabbed a syringe and swung it around. She accidentally scratched her own arm with that.

Without hesitation, Zachary hugged her tightly.

Charlotte shoved the needle into his arm. Despite that, he still didn’t let go of her. He held on to Charlotte tightly and refused to let go. “It’s okay now. It’s okay now. I’m here… I’m here…”

Charlotte kept struggling like a crazy wildcat but Zachary’s grip was tight and she was trapped in his arms, unable to move.

She then opened her mouth and bit him on his neck. Charlotte was biting so hard like a wild beast biting its prey.

Blood streamed down from his neck.

But Zachary didn’t push her away. Instead, he stroked her head to calm her down.

Terrified by the scene, the medical staff were trembling with fear.

Charlotte finally calmed down after a long while. Slowly, she fell asleep in Zachary’s embrace.

Raina quickly approached him and lowered her voice. “Mr. Nacht, I’ll remove the needle now. Please bear with it for a little while.”

Zachary gave a nod.

Raina clenched her teeth and removed the needle, slowly and carefully. “Luckily the syringe is empty. Still, it’s painful enough.”

“What happened? Why is she like that? Is she hurt?” Zachary questioned.

“I’ve run a thorough examination on her. Other than the injuries on her back, there are ligature marks on her wrists and ankles. I also invited a gynecologist to check on Ms. Windt and there’s no sign of s****l assault. I’m not sure why she had such reactions after she awoke. Could it be that she’s traumatized?”

Raina was puzzled.

“Leave,” Zachary instructed.

“Yes, Mr. Nacht.” Raina left the room with the medical staff.

Zachary held Charlotte in his arms and gently kissed her on her forehead. He blamed himself for not keeping her safe from harm. She had suffered a lot because of him.

Looking at her frail body, his heart was shredded into pieces. Meanwhile, his hatred towards Zara increased by the second.

He swore to himself. I’ll make her pay double the price for what she did to you.

Right then, a knocking was heard on the door, followed by Ben’s voice. “Mr. Nacht, the kids called Mr. Spencer and asked for Ms. Windt. Mrs. Rawlston said that the kids were throwing a tantrum. They skipped their meals and stayed awake to wait for their mother.”

Zachary frowned upon hearing that. He promised to bring Charlotte home tonight and the kids were looking forward to that.

But how can I bring her home when she’s in this condition?

After giving it some thought, Zachary replied, “Get the car ready. I’ll go over.”


Zachary caressed Charlotte’s cheeks and tidied her hair. His heart ached as he saw the marks on her wrists. Suddenly, he spotted a p***k mark on her wrist. He immediately called out to the medical staff.

“Mr. Nacht.” Raina entered the room.

“Why is there a p***k mark on her wrist?” Zachary queried.

“Before you came in, Ms. Windt had grabbed the syringe once but I took it away from her. My hand was p*****d too. Then she p*****d the needle into your arm too.” Raina showed him the p***k mark on her own hand.

The crease between Zachary’s brows deepened. Something’s off. ”Examine her one more time. Check carefully,” Zachary ordered.

“Yes, Mr. Nacht.” Raina nodded.

Zachary continued giving instructions. “Get a few more staff to take care of her. Give her sedatives when necessary. Don’t let her hurt herself. I have to go home now and I’ll come back later.”

“Understood. Leave it to me.”


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