Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 496

Read Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 496 – Zara always picked a bone with Zachary as she wanted everything to be equal between the two of them. Henry was annoyed by her behavior as she always caused a ruckus in the family because of her jealousy towards Zachary.

Moreover, Zara made a scene on Henry’s birthday dinner a dozen years ago. Henry was so angry that he got a s****e.

Fortunately, the Nacht family had a professional medical team. After several years of treatment, Henry slowly got better.

Ever since then, Zachary had forbidden Zara to see his grandpa in private.

Upon arriving at the building, Zachary didn’t bring Zara to Henry’s ward straightaway. Instead, he stopped in his tracks and waited for Raina’s call.

“Is that really necessary? I told you I didn’t touch her other than giving her a few lashes. We’re almost there. Just take me to him already.” Zara furrowed her brows in displeasure.

“I’ll let you see him if there’s nothing wrong with Charlotte.”

As a matter of fact, Zachary wished he could bring Zara to Henry because that would mean that Charlotte was fine.

If Charlotte was slightly injured, he could close one eye. However, if Charlotte was harmed in any other way, he would end Zara’s life on the spot, without mercy.

“You’re such a l***r! Your grandpa shouldn’t make you the heir of the Nacht family. You choose a woman over your own blood. How can an irrational man like you be the head of our family?” Zara sneered.

“Indeed, I’m not as cold-blooded as you are. Unfortunately, you’ve been cast out of the family and there are no other offspring of the Nachts, only me and your useless son, so it was not a difficult decision to make anyway,” Zachary replied coldly.

“You…” Zara’s face turned ashen with anger. Her eyes were flaring with rage like a raging bull, exuding a m*******s aura. She could forgive Zachary for being rude to her, but she couldn’t tolerate any of his insults towards her son.

Zara stared at Zachary. “Chris is an innocent and kind man. He’ll definitely surpass you one day. Besides, I’ll make you pay for what you did to him the other day. Just wait and see.”

Zachary turned a deaf ear to her threat and focused on his phone instead.

Soon, Raina called him, “Mr. Nacht, Ms. Windt was in pretty bad shape. Her back is seriously injured. There are no other serious injuries, nor signs of s****l assault. I can only identify these problems so far. I’m still checking on her and I need some time.”

Zachary felt relieved upon hearing her evaluation. He raised his eyes to stare at Zara. “You’re going to pay for what you did to her.”

“We’ll settle them later, once and for all.” Zara smirked arrogantly. “So can I see him now?”

Zachary made a gesture and the bodyguards made way for her.

Zara got into the elevator with Shirley.

Spencer was waiting outside the ward. Upon seeing Zara, he bowed to her. “Ms. Zara, you’re here.”

“It’s been a while, Mr. Spencer.” Zara gave a respectful nod in return.

“Yes, it’s been a long time since we last met. You look gorgeous, as always.” Spencer smiled.

“Thank you.” Zara cast a faint smile at him, then she followed the medical staff to the room next door and changed into the isolation gown.

After that, Zachary and Spencer led the way to the ward while Zara followed after them.

Ben and Shirley waited outside. Disgusted by one another, they gave a sneer and turned around.

Upon seeing the old man on the bed, Zara no longer had that m*******s expression on her face. Instead, her expression was rather complicated.

It was a combination of love, resentment and hatred.

Zara stood in her position for a long while before she stepped forward and took a closer look at Henry. Her eyes were looking somewhat desolate.

She opened her mouth but no words came out. All of a sudden, she was at a loss for words.

Spencer was moved upon seeing her response. He spoke softly, “Mr. Nacht has missed you, Ms. Zara. He once muttered your name when he was half-awake.”

“Really?” Zara couldn’t believe her ears. Do I really have a place in his heart?

“Of course.”

Just when Spencer was speaking, Henry wriggled a little and his lips were moving. He was muttering some words.

Zara got closer to him and tried to grasp his mutter.


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