Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 492

Read Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 492 – “Good news? That’s great! If he’s in a good mood, he’ll recover even sooner,” Spencer cheerfully said.

“Yes. He’ll be on cloud nine when he hears that.”

Zachary could imagine the pleasant scene already.

Henry had taken a liking to the kids. He would be over the moon if he knew the triplets were his great-grandchildren.

“I can’t wait to know!” Spencer was excited.

Right then, the medical staff came in to help Henry get changed, so Zachary left the ward first.

“Mr. Nacht, everything is ready,” Ben reported while panting. “You didn’t sleep a wink last night. You should get some rest.”

“Mr. Zachary, did you stay up all night?”

Spencer overheard Ben when he walked out of the ward.

“He was too busy taking care of the kids,” said Ben with a smirk.

“I never thought Mr. Zachary could get along with the kids. I was worried that you might get into a fight,” Spencer said with a smile of relief.

Zachary had a speechless expression on his face. “Am I a man-child to you, Mr. Spencer? Do you think I’ll fight with three-year-old kids?”

Spencer giggled, then he said, “You never liked kids. I was worried that they might offend you by accident, and your temper… Well, you know that Mr. Nacht adores the triplets. If anything happens to them, I can’t answer to Mr. Nacht.”

“Don’t worry. They’re fine.” Zachary curled his lips upwards as he answered.

“Are they still in the hospital? How’s Robbie?” Spencer asked in concern.

“He had a food allergy. He’s recovering after getting an injection. Don’t worry. Everything is fine,” replied Ben.

“Glad to know that.” Spencer heaved a sigh of relief, then continued, “I’ll take the kids home and settle them down, then I’ll come back again.”

Zachary immediately said, “It’s alright. Don’t worry about it. I’ve asked Raina to make arrangements. She’ll bring the kids over to my house. They are staying there with me.”

Spencer was shocked to hear what he said. “Are you sure, Mr. Zachary? You always prefer a quiet environment. If they stay there with you, they might cause disturbance to you.”

“No, they won’t. They’re adorable.” Zachary said that with a soft smile on his face.

Right then, the medical superintendent reported to Zachary personally, “Mr. Nacht, the room is ready.”

“Alright.” Zachary left with the medical superintendent. He planned to get some rest to prepare himself for what was coming later at night.

Spencer couldn’t believe his eyes. “What… What’s going on with Mr. Zachary? Why did he change so suddenly?” he asked Ben.

“There are more surprises coming soon. You’ll definitely drop your jaw.” Ben cast a mysterious smile at him.

Spencer was puzzled by Ben’s reply.

“Don’t worry. It’s good news.”

Ben bowed to Spencer with a smiling face, then he went after Zachary.

Spencer was lost in his thoughts, pondering over Ben’s words. Right then, the medical staff called him, so he didn’t think further and quickly went into the ward to take care of Henry.

Lying on the bed, Zachary took a look at his watch. It was already eleven o’clock in the morning.

There are eight hours more till the appointed time. Where could Zara be now?

Right now, she should be on her way back to H City with Charlotte.

Bruce would have his eyes on them as soon as they set their foot in H City. Zara wouldn’t be able to play tricks anymore.

Charlotte sprawled on the bed, dozing off. Suddenly, someone opened the door. A tall, slender figure made its entrance, followed by a group of bodyguards.

“You’re injured badly.” Zara took a seat on the sofa and sized Charlotte up.

Awakened by the noise, Charlotte tried to move her body but her back was aching so much that she couldn’t do it by herself.

Zara made a gesture.

Shirley walked towards Charlotte and pulled her up with force.

Charlotte’s body was trembling with pain. Her hair was in disarray, covering her pale face.


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