Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 491

Read Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 491 – Zachary stopped him mid-sentence. “Since it’s something that shouldn’t be said, then just leave it. Ben, send him off.”

“Yes, Mr. Nacht.” Ben replied.

It was a little awkward at that moment. Obviously, Zachary was chasing Taylor out.

Taylor heaved a sigh and said no more. He then turned around and left.

Spencer turned to Zachary and gazed at him. “I think you should at least let him finish his sentence. Perhaps he was just giving you a gentle reminder.”

“I doubt a woman would be able to influence my judgement.”

Zachary hated to see anyone speak ill of Charlotte, including Taylor.

“Mr. Blackwood is a righteous man who has a reliable and objective voice. Although he doesn’t like to mingle with women because of Ms. Blackwood, he won’t slander an innocent woman. Perhaps he was going to spill a secret…”

Zachary was annoyed and he cut him off. “Mr. Spencer! You’re overthinking.”

“Alright then.” Spencer lowered his head and said nothing else.

Zachary changed into his isolation gown and entered the ward.

Henry was still in a coma and the doctor was checking on him. Upon seeing Zachary, the doctor immediately bowed to greet him.

“How is he doing?” Zachary asked softly.

“Mr. Nacht regained his consciousness from time to time. His head has been seriously injured from the fall. I’m afraid that he would remain in this condition for a period of time,” the doctor replied.

Zachary furrowed his eyebrows. “How long would that be?”

The doctor answered, “It’s hard to say. It could be a week, a month, or perhaps longer. However, he is merely unconscious. He isn’t suffering from pain.”

Zachary fell silent and looked at his grandpa with a complicated expression.

He used to find Henry annoying back when the latter was being unreasonable and threw tantrums at others. However, Zachary couldn’t help but feel guilty towards his grandpa as he saw him lying on the bed, unmoving.

Zachary was well aware that his grandpa was old and his days were numbered.

But he still hoped the day wouldn’t come too soon. He wished to spend more time with his grandpa.

“Take your time, Mr. Zachary. I’ll leave first.”

The doctor bowed to him and left the ward.

Zachary sat beside the bed and accompanied Henry in silence.

After a moment, the medical staff came in with a hot towel to wipe Henry’s body. “I’ll do it.” Zachary reached out his hand as he said.

“Alright.” The medical staff handed the towel to him respectfully.

Zachary actually had no idea how to take care of a patient. He just wanted to do something for Henry.

He gently cleaned Henry’s limbs with the hot towel. Looking at the wrinkled skin all over his body, Zachary realized that his grandpa was already an aged man.

Henry Nacht, who was once the legendary hegemon of the corporate world, was nearing the end of his life.

Right then, Zachary had mixed feelings. On one hand, he was thrilled to be the biological father of the triplets. On the other hand, he was depressed to see his grandpa being sick and unconscious. Life comes and goes. Is there nothing else I can do?

“Mr. Zachary.” Spencer’s whisper broke his train of thoughts.

Zachary regained his composure and turned to Spencer. “Yes?”

“It’s time for Mr. Nacht to take his medicine.” Spencer brought over a glass of warm water and Henry’s medicine.

“I’ll do it.” Zachary took the medicine over and carefully fed it to Henry.

Spencer uttered softly, “Mr. Nacht has been muttering your name in the past few days. It’s always you whom he misses the most. He’s always thinking of you.”

Zachary remained silent but his eyes were filled with sorrow.

Spencer approached Zachary and whispered in his ear, “The doctor said that Mr. Nacht’s days are numbered even if he regains his consciousness. Please don’t provoke him anymore.”

“I understand.” Zachary gazed at Henry and smiled. “After he recovers his consciousness, I have some good news for him.”


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