Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 487

Read Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 487 – Zachary stayed with the children for a while. Then, he was ready to make a move when Ben reminded him to meet Henry at Serene Hospital.

Before he left, Robbie walked him out. He asked Zachary seriously, “Uncle Zack, do you have something to say?”

“How do you know?”

Zachary thought Robbie had an IQ and EQ that was higher than other children of the same age. Jamie and Ellie was more like three-and-a-half-year old child, while Robbie was just like him when he was young.

“I just feel that your attitude has changed suddenly,” Robbie guessed. “You’re acting totally different… “

Zachary couched down and put his hands on Robbie’s shoulders. “Let’s wait for Mommy. Mommy and I’ve got news for you guys!”

“What news?” Robbie couldn’t wait to know.

“Shh. I want to keep it as a secret for the time being.” Zachary left him in suspense.

“Is it good news or bad news?” Robbie questioned again.

Zachary gently stroked his head with the corner of his mouth lifted up. “Of course, it’s good news. You guys can move into my place after your follow-up. I’ll be back together with Mommy tonight.”

“Stay at your place?” Robbie was surprised and said hurriedly, “Is that a good idea? I think we better stay at Mr. Henry’s house.”

“You can’t address him as Mr. Henry from now on.”

Zachary would like to clarify with him that he should actually address Henry as his Great-grandpa instead of Mr. Henry. However, he didn’t want to reveal the secret at that moment.

“Why is it?” Robbie frowned out of worry.

Zachary tried to evade his question while explaining. “I’ll explain to you guys tonight. Mr. Henry is not feeling well. So, he won’t have time to take care of the three of you. Besides, it’s not quite convenient for Mommy to go there. So, I’ll make an arrangement for you guys to move over to my place. You guys can take a rest in hospital for today. I’ll get someone to prepare a room for you.”

“But… “

“Alright, it’s decided then.”

Before Robbie could say anything, Zachary stood up and instructed Raina. “I’ll leave you to take care of the decoration of their room. Use the best furniture and products. They’ll be moving in tonight.”

“Yes, Mr. Nacht. I’ll do it right away.”

Raina bowed quietly upon receiving instructions.

From now on, the three children would be the heir to the Nacht family. She would treat them with extreme care as compared to before.

Zachary then turned around and ordered his bodyguards who were standing in two orderly lines behind him. “From today onwards, the nine of you are responsible for keeping both the princes and the princess safe!”

“Yes, Mr. Nacht!” The nine bodyguards answered at the same time, with loud and clear voices echoing around the corridor.

Robbie was shocked by what was happening in front of him. W-What is going on? He is asking Dr. Langhan to decorate our room personally, and even leaving half of his bodyguards here to protect the three of us? Besides, isn’t it weird to address us as “the princes and the princess”?

“I should get going now.”

Zachary turned back to look at Robbie. He opened his mouth and wanted to call him the way Charlotte did, but he didn’t know how.

Instead, he did it in a man-to-man way. He reached out his fist to Robbie.

He was stunned for a while before reaching out his fist to do a fist-bump with Zachary.

Then, the two of them smiled at each other.

“Robinson, wait for me.”

Finally, Zachary called out his name. It wasn’t as affectionate as Charlotte, or as gentle as the others. However, it was somewhat cordial, friendly and reliable in another way.

“Okay!” Robbie nodded his head firmly. He stood up straight, looking all energetic.

Zachary patted on his head gently then turned to look at Jamie and Ellie who were hiding behind the door with an adorable expression. He waved at them and left.

“Robbie… Robbie… “ Jamie wheeled himself out and asked in excitement. “What happened? When did you become so close with him?”

“Robbie is a friend with him now?” Ellie asked softly with a pinched voice.

“Friend? Friend?” Fifi was curious as well.

Robbie looked at Zachary’s silhouette as he walked away. He felt a little emotional and said, “I noticed that we have misunderstood him before. I realized he is a good guy now!”


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