Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 482

Read Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 482 – Jamie glanced timidly at Zachary. He felt that he should be apologizing, but words failed him.

He was only three and a half, but he had pride.

“It’s fine,” Zachary said loudly, sparing Jamie the necessity to speak. “Have a good rest.”

He then turned around to instruct the nurses, “Take good care of them!”

“Yes, Mr. Nacht,” the nurses replied, scrambling to round up the children.

Zachary glanced at Robbie once more before departing, with Ben hurrying to keep pace.

Zachary addressed him in a low voice, and he turned around to address the guards, “You four, the children’s safety is in your hands.”

“Yes, sir!”

“Robbie, Jamie, Ellie, let’s head back to the ward.” The nurses led the way.

Outside, the four bodyguards stood as still as statues, barring the entrance with their wide physiques.

“What are they doing?” Ellie asked in a frightened voice. She hid in the folds of Violet and peered timidly outside.

“Don’t be afraid, child. They are sent by Mr. Nacht to protect you,” Violet assured Ellie.

“Robbie, is he a bad man?” Jamie frowned, concerned. “Was he the one who captured Mommy?”

“No, he wasn’t,” Robbie replied, feeling exhausted as he stretched out on his bed. “He did not capture her. He told me that Mommy will be back tomorrow.”

“Really?” Jamie was overjoyed. His young handsome face was radiant.

“That’s great!” Ellie clapped excitedly. “We can finally see Mommy again.”

“Mommy! Mommy!” squawked Fifi the parrot.

“Alright, children. You need to rest now,” Amelia said. “Jamie, Ellie, these two beds are for you. You tuck yourselves in, I will bring you some milk in a while.”

“Did you bring my bottle?” Ellie asked, her eyes widening expectantly. “And my little lamb!”

“Yes, we’ve brought everything, don’t worry,” Violet started unpacking their belongings.

“I don’t want a bottle,” Jamie said in a low voice, not wanting to wake Robbie, who just fell asleep. “I want a cup. I’m a big boy!”

“Very well, now get into bed,” the nurse said.

On the other side of the building, Zachary arrived at the laboratory, eagerly awaiting Raina’s test results.

Ben understood his anxiety but felt that it was unnecessary.

If they were indeed Mr. Nacht’s children, his relationship with Charlotte would mend. Besides that, the Nacht family would not be short on heirs.

Buzz. Ben’s phone buzzed. He glanced at it and leaned towards Zachary. “It’s Spencer. He’s calling.”

“Don’t tell him about the DNA test,” Zachary whispered.

“I won’t.” Ben didn’t understand why but obeyed him anyway. “Hello, Spencer!”

“The other two kids are at Kindness Hospital too?” Spencer asked.

“Yes, they just arrived,” Ben answered. “They were cursing and hitting Mr. Nacht. It’s a good thing he didn’t take offense, though.”

Spencer sighed. “It’s not in his nature for Mr. Zachary to pick fights with three-year-old. Anyhow, the kids are cute. He will grow fond of them once he interacts with them more.”

“That’s right.” Ben nodded.

“I’ve just received a call from Ms. Zara. She’s coming to visit Mr. Henry tomorrow night.” Spencer’s voice suddenly turned tired and sad. “Is Mr. Zachary aware of this?”

Ben did not answer but handed the phone over to Zachary.

“Yes, I am,” he said coldly. “Tomorrow at seven in the evening, I will meet her at the lobby of the hospital, and escort her to meet Grandpa.”

“Roger that,” said Spencer. “Mr. Henry’s condition has improved greatly tonight. He asked to see you when he woke up. Would you like to come over tomorrow morning?”

“Alright, I will drop by tomorrow,” Zachary replied. “The children are being taken care of over here, so you don’t have to come for them.”

“Yes, Mr. Zachary,” said Spencer.


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