Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 476

Read Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 476 – “I…” Spencer was troubled as he didn’t know what to do, so he asked, “Mr. Zachary, Robbie wants to speak to you. Is that okay?”

“What is there to talk with a three-year-old…” Zachary was obviously reluctant, but before he could express his disdain, a childish yet polite voice interrupted him. “Hello, good day to you!”

Zachary replied subconsciously, “Hello!”

“I am Robinson, Charlotte’s eldest son. Regarding my Mommy’s matter, I would like to have a talk with you.” Although Robbie’s voice sounded childish, he had an imposing aura that made him sound like an adult.

“Ha! You and I?” A laugh escaped Zachary’s lips upon listening to Robbie’s voice. He would have to give credit to the child for extinguishing the flames of fury burning in his heart.

He’s only three and a half years old, and he wants to have a talk with me?

Let’s see what he’ll say.

“Yes. You and I.” Robbie was calm and poised.

Suddenly, Jamie added, “And me. Robbie, I want to go too!”

“M-Me too…” Ellie’s cute voice sounded through the phone.

Listening to her sweet voice, an image of her hugging the milk bottle flashed across Zachary’s mind.

“Don’t cause trouble.” Putting the phone away, Robbie reprimanded his siblings softly before putting the phone beside his ear and said, “Sorry about that. Jamie and Ellie are just worried about Mommy. How about 8 p.m.?”

“Fine by me. I’ll ask Spencer to take you here.” Zachary agreed as he was curious about the things a three-year-old would talk to him about.

“Thank you.” Robbie handed Spencer the phone and said, “Mr. Nacht has something to tell you.”

Spencer took the phone over while Zachary instructed, “Spencer, send that child here tonight at eight.”

“Alright. I’ll make the arrangements.” After hanging up, Spencer immediately turned to Robbie and said, “Robbie, I’ll get the nurse to change your clothes. See you downstairs in thirty minutes.”

Robbie replied, “Alright.”

Meanwhile, Zachary’s fury was doused out by the voices of the kids.

Zara wants to fight for the inheritance, but I’m in control here, so she won’t dare to do anything to Charlotte.

I’ll have to send Charlotte and her kids to safety first after getting her back from Zara. Only then can I finish that crazy woman.

Bearing these thoughts in mind, Zachary immediately ordered Ben to make the arrangements.

A few moments later, Robbie appeared alongside Spencer at the door.

The child looked petite in his black suit. Walking in with his back upright and his head held high, he had a calm expression on.

The design and decorations in the spacious study were of cold colors, and it made the air somber.

Crossing his legs as he sat on the sofa, Zachary’s heart stirred at the sight of the small child sitting in front of him. Memories of the past flooded his mind. When he was six years old, he did the same thing as Robbie when he negotiated with Henry.

That night, Henry decided to pass the right of inheritance to him just after having a ten-minute conversation with him.

Now that he was the one negotiating with a three-year-old, a surge of warmth coursed through his heart.

Ben asked, “Little boy, what would you like for a drink?”

He remembered the time when they were at the kindergarten, Robbie’s words made him speechless.

“You can call me by my name. I’m Robinson!” Robbie lifted his head to look at the man politely, but there was a hint of domineering and boldness that resembled Zachary coming from his gaze.

Ben’s face reddened with embarrassment as he hurriedly changed the way he called Robbie. “Alright… Mr. Robinson, what would you like for a drink?”

“No need.” Robbie turned to look at Zachary as he was speaking to Ben. “Can you give us some space? I would like to have a one-on-one talk with Mr. Nacht.”

“I…” Ben turned to look at Zachary, while the latter smiled and nodded slightly.


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