Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 473

Read Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 473 – After a while, Charlotte struggled to leave the bed and dragged herself towards the door. To her dismay, the door was locked from the other side. She knocked on the heavy door frantically and yelled, “Is there anyone outside? Let me out! Let me out!”

There was d**d silence outside the room.

Charlotte twisted the doorknob hard, but to no avail.

She had to give up twisting it and switched to look out of the window. The moment she looked down from the window, she was stunned.

It was indeed a strange building. She was at the height of approximately ten levels from the ground, with concrete walls all around her. Oh no! There isn’t any furniture for me to step on! No chance at all for me to escape from this window!

This looks exactly like a classical castle in fairy tales!

If I dare to jump down from this window, I will surely become shattered pieces!

Looks like I have no chance to survive at all unless my abductors change their minds and release me!

Who was it that locked me up here?

Charlotte turned to look at the various types of sumptuous food served on the crystal dining table — there were dishes of the French Cuisine: foie gras, snails, steak, bread, fruit salad, red wine and more.

She held the red wine closer to her nose, and her eyes lit up at the fragrance. This is undoubtedly the limited edition from the winery of F Nation’s Arkfield that was exclusively produced for women…

The abductor is obviously a woman.

Is it Sharon?

No, it’s not her! If she’s the one, I could’ve been beaten up by her. It’s impossible that I can still be unharmed and savor sumptuous food here!

Charlotte glanced around the whole room again, trying to trace any clues.

Based on her judgement, all the oil paintings on the wall were authentic masterpieces. Even the floor vases at the corner were all invaluable antiques. My goodness! Even a room used to lock up a hostage is of such a high standard. The owner is clearly a dignified and poised woman.

Who is she?

Charlotte knitted her brows, thinking hard if there was any name in her mind which could match the secretive woman. She gave up after quite a while, accepting the fact that she did not have any connections with such people.

Staring at the sumptuous food in front of her, Charlotte had no appetite at all. I’m really worried about my three babies, and Mrs. Berry. I wonder if they’re all fine…

After searching high and low in the room, Charlotte finally spotted her phone. She was ecstatic and intended to call Zachary at once, yet there was totally no signal.

She took out the SIM Card from her phone and slot it back, restarted her phone, yet there was still no signal.

Charlotte slumped onto the bed in despair, not knowing what she could do…

The room became d**d silent again as she continued to gaze aimlessly at the oil paintings on the wall, still holding her phone in her hand…

At the same time, Zachary was still trying hard to trace Zara’s exact location, but there were no leads.

On the other hand, Henry’s condition was still not stable. He could come to his senses momentarily before he drifted into unconsciousness again. The Nacht family tried their best to keep it a secret, not leaking the news to anyone.

Everyone of the Blackwood family was also feeling uneasy with Henry’s condition. Taylor had cancelled his plan to leave this week right after knowing about what had happened to Henry. He could only stay at his place in H City, praying hard for Henry to regain consciousness soon.

Sharon was still in a trauma after witnessing what had happened to Henry that day. She was unusually quiet these few days, waiting for the latest update on Henry’s condition.

Both Zachary and Zara were still against each other in the tug of war; none of them would raise their white flag first.

If Henry regained consciousness before Charlotte was rescued, Zara would not be able to proceed with her plans. In other words, Zachary would be considered defeated if he gave in first before that.

The woman behind the abduction finally appeared on the third day after Charlotte was abducted.

“I thought Zachary was willing to sacrifice anything to save you. Looks like I’ve overestimated his love for you.”

All of a sudden, a woman’s cold voice broke the d**d silence.

Charlotte’s heart skipped a bit instantaneously. She woke up hurriedly from the bed and yelled,” Who are you? Why did you lock me up here?”

“Obviously, you’re not as smart as I thought. Do you want to get out of this room?” the woman replied disdainfully.

“Yes, of course.” Charlotte glanced around the room to trace the source of the woman’s voice. She finally spotted a surveillance camera at one of the corner of the ceiling.

So she has been observing me closely these few days?

“If you really want to go out, you must bear in mind to be good later on…”

The room was back in silence again after her last sentence. In a split second, the door of the room was opened.


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