Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 467

Read Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 467 – The elevator plunged from the sixteenth floor. Fortunately, it stopped falling when it reached the third floor.

Charlotte ran all the way down to the ground floor and went up to the third floor. The security guards and technicians had arrived to opened the elevator’s door to retrieve Olivia. At that point, she had already passed out.

“Olivia!” Charlotte wanted to go near Olivia, but the two security guards held her back.

Another two guards carried Olivia out of the elevator. They did not see any injuries on her body.

Soon, the rescue team arrived and brought both Olivia and Charlotte to the hospital.

In the ambulance, Charlotte held Olivia’s hand tightly. She’ll be fine. I’m sure she’ll be fine…

After a thorough checkup at the hospital, the doctor told Charlotte, “The patient went into shock and fainted. She’ll feel better after taking a rest.”

Charlotte and the property manager heaved a sigh of relief.

Charlotte shot daggers at the manager. “How did this happen, Mr. Auermann? My friend would have been d**d if the elevator crashed all the way to the ground!”

“I’m so sorry, Ms. Windt. Please calm down,” the property manager explained, “We inspect our elevators daily, and this has never happened to our property before. There’s something amiss about this incident, and we’ve started investigating.”

Suddenly, his phone rang. After talking for a while, his expression changed. “Lodge a police report immediately!”

The manager hung up the phone and turned around to Charlotte. “Someone sabotaged the elevator. We’ve reported it to the police.”

“Sabotage?” Charlotte froze. “How about the other elevators? Or do you mean someone sabotaged only that particular elevator?”

“We carried out another round of inspection right after the incident and found all the other elevators are operating properly,” the manager explained, “The only elevator with defect is the one in your block.”

“They must have come for me then…”

The thought of someone wanting her d**d sent shivers down her spine. That’s why Fifi got so agitated earlier. It must have noticed a suspicious person in the building and tried to warn us.

Yet, I reprimanded Fifi for not respecting Olivia.

“I’m afraid there’s such a possibility,” the property manager said, “Mr. Nacht has bought over the entire block, and only your family lives in the building. Those who occupied the opposite unit are your medical staff, and the unit above you also belongs to your family.”

“They must have known I’m the only person left in the building today,” Charlotte analyzed, “And they knew I don’t normally have guests in my house. Had Olivia not visited today, I would have been the victim of today’s incident.”

Charlotte was absolutely terrified. “Nope. Not just me. They also target my kids. Had Olivia not visited and I did not leave the house today, the kids would have got into the elevator instead.”

Charlotte instantly gave Robbie a call but to no avail.

She panicked and called Jamie and Ellie. None of them answered their phones too.

She even dialed the medical staff’s numbers, but they did not pick up her call as well.

Her legs went weak and almost fell on the ground.

“Are you all right, Ms. Windt?” the manager immediately held her up.

“Take care of my friend, please.”

Charlotte ran out of the ward like a lunatic and hailed a cab. She wanted to get to the Apple Kindergarten as soon as possible.

But at this point, a van drove up to her. Two men who were dressed in black covered her mouth and pulled her into the car.

Charlotte struggled and tried to escape, but upon smelling a sharp odor, she instantly passed out.


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