Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 466

Read Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 466 – After ending the call with Jeffrey, Charlotte immediately set up a video call with her financial advisor in S Nation. After obtaining her digital thumbprint, the financial advisor activated her bank account.

Charlotte was pleasantly surprised by how simple the procedures were. She thought they would need her to make a trip to the S Nation to activate her account.

That would have been the standard procedures four years ago, the financial advisor explained. But with the advent of technologies, banks could now activate users’ accounts through facial recognition, digital thumbprint, and password.

On that day itself, Charlotte transferred ten million to Jeffrey.

Jeffrey was surprised when he received the money from her.

Charlotte did not explain how she got the money but told him to proceed with the acquisition. She did not want people to know she was involved in this deal.

Jeffrey gladly complied.

Deep in Charlotte’s heart, she wanted to buy and rightfully own her villa, but at the same time, she was also afraid that Helena might think she was doing it to help Amanda.

The thought of the endless troubles she might get herself into had forced her to give up the idea.

Soon, Olivia arrived with a bag of fruits. She looked around the house in admiration and said, “What a big and beautiful house!”

“This house doesn’t belong to me. I just rented this place.” Charlotte served her a glass of water. “Take a seat. I’ll get the costumes.”

“All right.” Olivia sat on the couch and looked at the family photo. “I’ve been living alone for many years. You’re so blessed to have so many family members.”

“You will be able to live with your Mom once she gets better.”

Charlotte stacked the costumes nicely and put them into a bag.

“I hope so.” Olivia sighed. “This is why I’ve been working so hard to raise money for her treatment.”

“She’ll be fine,” Charlotte consoled.

“All right then. I’ve got to go now. After returning these costumes to Ms. Fuller, I still have to work the night shift at Sultry Night.” Olivia stood up and was ready to leave. “Take a good rest. I’ll keep you informed if there are any part-time jobs available.”

“Thank you.” Charlotte walked Olivia downstairs. All of a sudden, Fifi started shrieking, “Bad guy! Bad guy!”

“Wow! This parrot actually speaks?” Olivia was amused.

“Fifi has been with us for nearly four years and is as old as my kids. It has also picked up some simple phrases along the way.” Charlotte turned around and looked at the parrot. “Hey, Fifi. Meet Olivia!”

“Bad guy! Bad guy!” Fifi flapped its wings and shrieked continuously.

“No, Fifi. No.” Charlotte pointed her index finger at the parrot. “Olivia is my good friend. She’s not a bad guy.”

“I don’t look like a bad guy, do I?” Olivia went up and introduced herself. “Hello, Fifi. I’m not a bad guy!”

“Bad guy! Bad guy!”

Fifi squealed non-stop and kept flapping its wings as if it was very agitated.

“What’s wrong with Fifi?” Charlotte knitted her brows. “It usually doesn’t behave like this. I’ll have to teach this naughty parrot a lesson after this.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Olivia said, “I got to go now. You rest well, okay?”

“All right. Text me once you’ve passed the costumes to Ms. Fuller.” Charlotte walked her to the elevator.

Olivia entered the elevator and waved Charlotte goodbye with a grin.

When Charlotte was about to return to the house, she heard a loud bang coming from the elevator, followed by Olivia’s scream.

Charlotte was thunderstruck. She ran back to the elevator and realized it had broken down.

“Olivia!” Charlotte screamed in h****r. She immediately gave the property management office a call and ran downstairs.


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