Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 464

Read Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 464 – “Nope.” Charlotte rubbed Robbie’s head gently. “Don’t worry. I’m sure a lot of people are taking good care of Grandpa.”

“You’re right, Mommy.” Robbie lowered his head and pouted.

“Why don’t you call your ex-boss, Mommy?” Jamie suggested, “He’s Mr. Henry’s oldest grandson, right? I’m sure he can tell us more.”

“But…” Charlotte thought about it and said, “He’s a busy man. I’m not sure if he’ll answer my call, but let’s try.”

“Ehm. Let’s see what else we can do.” Robbie put on his thinking cap.

“What is it?” Charlotte then gave him a serious look. “Grandpa will call when he feels better, so do not disturb him. You hear me?”

“Okay, Mommy.” Robbie nodded.

“Come on, the school bus is going to be here soon,” the medical staff urged.


The three children put down the utensils and put on their jackets and their bags. They waved their Mommy goodbye and left with the medical staff.

After bidding farewell to them at the elevator, Charlotte went home and remembered what the children said earlier. She sent Zachary another text message: Are you all right? Text me or call me when you read my message.

She waited a while but still did not get a reply.

Did something bad happen to him? Charlotte was worried.

Or was Mr. Nacht really under the weather?

As someone who grew up in a prominent family, Charlotte knew how chaotic a powerful family would become when the patriarch fell ill.

Not only would news like this instantly cause the Nacht Group’s share price to fluctuate, but it also would attract the Natcht family members to fight for the inheritance.

Henry might have appointed Zachary as his successor, but the fact that he was not married and did not have his parents by his side could put him at a disadvantage. Besides, being a loner in the family would not do him any good as he would need to fight the battle on his own.

While Charlotte was worried about the battle that Zachary had to go through, she was still waiting for him to explain the things her father wrote in the letter. What exactly happened between the Windts and Natchts?

And didn’t Father mention anything about this in his letter to me?

All of a sudden, Olivia called. “Hey, are you all right? Ms. Fuller told me something happened last night.”

“Yeah, we had an accident, but I’m okay.”

“That incident made headlines in social media, and netizens pinned the blame on both the Brown and Sterling families. Everything has been blown out of proportion…”

Upon hearing that, Charlotte froze for a moment. As someone who seldom used social media, she had no idea that it had snowballed into a big issue.

She took out her phone and started checking the news on social media. It was all about how Luna was gang-raped after she went to the banquet hall to look for Hector. The news also mentioned how Helena humiliated her publicly.

Now netizens pointed fingers at Hector and Helena, and they called a Hector heartless man and Helena a homewrecker. They also claimed that Helena was the mastermind who orchestrated the rape.

The news even included a flashback on Hector’s s*x s*****l. A few months ago, the media thought the woman he had s*x with was his secretary, but now, everyone knew it was Helena!

The news explained everything in detail and provided solid evidence to support their claims. This had led netizens to sympathize with Luna and berate Hector and Helena.

Clearly, the person who stirred up this chaos was Amanda. She must have resorted to this kind of d***y trick when she knew she could not take Hector and Helena down.

Now that Luna’s life had been destroyed, Amanda would definitely make them pay the price.

Of course, it would take her a lot of courage to tell the world that her daughter was a victim of gang rape.


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