Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 452

Read Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 452 – Despite being beaten, Luna’s mouth still went off like a canon. She continued to hurl vulgarities and insults at Helena, which made the latter grit her teeth in anger.

Since the car was soundproof, and Charlotte was standing from a distance away, she could not hear the words that Luna and Helena were exchanging.

Regardless, Helena got out of the car not long after. When the door opened, Charlotte saw the two bodyguards in the car ripping Luna’s clothes apart.

Meanwhile, Luna was struggling desperately and yelling, “Helena, you will d*e a terrible d***h. You will be punished one day…”

Then, the door closed again. Helena ordered the other two bodyguards guarding the car, “Take good care of the former Mrs. Sterling. She is thirsty for men’s love.”

The two subordinates nodded.

“I don’t think two is enough. Look for more men to pounce on her,” their boss sniggered with a creepy look in her eyes.

Following that, she left with the other bodyguards.

Watching the scene unfold, Charlotte was stunned and petrified She always knew Helena was devious, but she did not expect the latter to do something as cruel as that.

If she hates Luna to the core, she could have just ordered a beating. How could she do this…

At that moment, the van began to rock violently, like there was a fight happening in it.

At first, Charlotte wanted to rush forward to save the woman. However, her brain told her that she would not only be unable to save the victim, but she would also put herself in danger if she charged forward without a plan.

Given so, she immediately pulled out her phone to call the police.

Unfortunately, a bodyguard spotted her. “Who are you?” one shouted in her direction.

Charlotte’s face turned pale instantly, and she fled.

Two bodyguards was hot on her heels.

Seeing that the bodyguards were about to catch up to her, Charlotte panicked. Luckily, a voice interrupted, “What are you doing?”

Instantly, the men chasing behind her stopped in their tracks.

Turning her head, Owen was with a few bodyguards, rushing over to the parking lot. Without a choice, the two bodyguards guarding the car guiltily confessed what had happened.

Owen swung his fist and punched one of them. He roared, “You are bas*ards! Let her out right now!”

Those words allowed Charlotte to heave a sigh of relief before she quickly returned to the hotel.

Looking down at her phone, she realized that she was connected to the police hotline. Since Owen had already come forward to clear the situation, she hung up, thinking that there was no need to involve the authorities anymore.

She did not want to attract extra trouble.

After all, Luna and Owen once knew each other, so he probably would not leave her in the lurch.

Besides, this was a crime in the first place, and anybody in the right mind would try to stop it.

Even so, Charlotte still informed the security guards at the hotel to play safe. “I think something happened at the parking lot. It would be best if you could take a look.”

“What happened?” one of them asked.

“A lady seems to be in trouble. I’m not sure of the details, but you would understand once you get there,” Charlotte explained.

“Alright, thank you.”

Promptly, four armed security guards headed over.

Feeling more assured, Charlotte walked to the hotel’s lounge briskly.

“Charlotte!” Felicity hurried to her. “The banquet ended early, and you can get off work now. I will still pay you two thousand, which I will transfer to you tomorrow.”

“Thank you, Ms. Fuller.” Looking at the banquet hall, the guests were leaving one after another. Even the performers were packing up to leave.

“Why is your dress so d***y?” Felicity noticed that Charlotte’s maxi dress was stained with soil. Frowning, she stated, “You have to wash this. Otherwise, I can’t explain it to the uniform company when I return it.”

“I’m so sorry. I will wash it tonight and return it to you tomorrow,” Charlotte apologized.

Then, she went backstage and got changed. Packing up her belongings, she prepared to leave from the back.

When she passed by the parking lot, she subconsciously scanned it. Is Luna alright?

Although Luna had hurt her previously, that woman had already received her retribution.

She hoped that Luna would be fine.

Continuing to walk towards the roadside to call for a taxi, she suddenly heard a m**n for help. “Help me, please…”


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