Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 430

Read Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 430 – Charlotte was frightened out of her wits as she lay low in the car.

Noticing his mother’s peculiar manner, Robbie immediately said, “Mr. Henry, we are out buying some stuff right now. Why don’t you wait for us at the garden in the residential estate? We’ll get home soon.”

“Sure, no rush. Take your time,” Henry said before hanging up.

Robbie stood up and stole a glance outside. “Mommy, Mr. Henry is already heading to the garden.”

Charlotte had only found the courage to sit upright. After paying the cab driver, she got off the car along with her kids. She did not head toward her building. Instead, she turned to Robbie and said, “Robbie, mommy is not going inside with you guys. You wheel Jamie to the residential estate entrance and let Mr. Henry pick you guys up from there.”

“Yes, mommy.” Robbie nodded his head.

“Mommy, why are you so afraid of Mr. Henry? He’s a really nice person.”

Jamie did not understand why his mother kept avoiding Henry.

“Yes, Mr. Henry will never hurt us.” Ellie cocked her head to one side and said innocently, “Mommy, you can come with us too.”

“I have my own reasons, and it’s really difficult for mommy to explain it to you guys right now. Anyway, you guys have to keep this secret for me, and listen to Robbie, alright?”

“Yes, Mommy.” Jamie and Ellie nodded their heads.

“Mommy, drink something while you’re waiting for us to be picked up by Mr. Henry. Don’t worry, we will call him as soon as we are at the entrance,” Robbie said.

“You’re a good boy, Robbie.” Charlotte gave her boy a hug.

Robbie then wheeled his brother, as Ellie and their pet parrot tagged along. The gang made their way toward to entrance of the residential estate.

The neighbors could not help but beam with delight at the cute sight. “Where are your parents, kids?”

“My mom is busy while our grandma is in the hospital.”

“Did you guys come out here all by yourselves?” The neighbors were curious and asked, “Don’t you have anyone watching you guys?”

“Yes, Mr. Henry is waiting for us in the garden.” Then, Henry’s voice rang, “Robbie!”

Henry wanted to meet the triplets as soon as possible. Hence, he thought he would try his luck at the entrance. Sure enough, he spotted the triplets right there.

Robbie was wheeling Jamie with much difficulty while Ellie was holding the parrot as she trailed behind her big brother. Henry was disheartened at the sight and ordered, “Quick, help them out.”

His two bodyguards then rushed forward and took over the wheelchair and held Ellie and Robbie’s hands.

“Where did you guys go? Why isn’t there any adult around?” Henry furrowed his brows.

“We went to visit Mrs. Berry at the hospital, and we just got back,” Robbie replied.

“Why didn’t the nurses follow you guys there?” Henry crouched and hugged Robbie and Ellie. “Where’s your mommy?”

“Mommy said that a hospital is a quiet place, and it’s not so nice for us to bring along so many people. So she brought us there on her own. She went to the drugstore to buy some medicine. We’re waiting for you here because we want to see you sooner.”

There was no loose end with Robbie’s explanation.

“Good boy.” Henry hugged Robbie. “I should have fetched you guys from the hospital if I had known about it.”

“It’s okay to fetch us here too. Mr. Henry, let’s get into the car,” Robbie said.

“Don’t you need to wait for your mommy?”

Henry lifted his head and noticed the usual hustle and bustle of the neighborhood. Some people were even engrossed in hushed whispers, but there were no signs of the triplet’s mother.

“It’s okay, mommy will get home on her own.”

Robbie only wanted to leave earlier so that his mother would not have to hide out at the café, and that she could head back earlier to get a good rest.

“Yes, Mr. Henry. I’m hungry. Let’s go.” Ellie resonated her brother’s words.

“Mr. Henry, I’m hungry too.” Jamie chimed in as well.

“Sure, let’s go now.” Henry then helped the three kids get into his car.


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